Bridal Saree - Tips to Making It Unique

Every bridal saree will definitely make a bride look special in her wedding occasion. She wants her ensemble to depict the significance of the occasion. As all eyes will be on her she wants that her bridal wear is unique and the stuff that designer wear is made of. Of course it is all very well to dash off to a designer house, have a couturier in attendance and have something custom designed for her. Makes her feel like royalty, but unless she has money to burn, it just isn’t worth it. So what can she do to make sure that her wedding attire will be somber, chosen from a palette of hues that are traditional yet trendy, and will not cost the earth?

Sari Drape

Is the saree going to be draped in the traditional way? It is trad to have the pallu over the left shoulder. A variation on this can be to bring in the pallu from the back so that it falls over the right shoulder. Then any work on the border can be shown off to perfection. Give the wearing of the bridal sari a designer twist by wearing it dhoti style with the pallu hanging loosely in front. Choose a style that the bride will be comfortable with.

Sari Material

Brides are experimenting with materials ranging from the heavy silks to see through embellished net. Well, they see through net does have a jazzed up the skirt underneath! Somewhere in between the range for a bridal saree lie the chiffons, georgettes, viscose, or combinations of different types of material. Look out for the seasonal sales that most well known brands hold much before the wedding season and pick up the material. Sometimes a simpler saree can be bought at a lesser cost and then ‘dressed’ up.

Sari Embellishment

Once the material has been decided, decide on how to make the work look intricate and unusual on the bridal saree. One of the latest trends is to have silk appliqué done on a silk saree. The appliqué shape can be peacocks in sea green and aquamarine blue, or paisleys in a vibrant mix, the concentration being more on the borders. Embellish the outlines of these with suitable bling. Give a narrow zardosi border (gold thread work) to the saree and the bride will glow. Find a seamstress who does this kind of work and nothing will go wrong. The blouse can be given the designer touch by matching it with the embellishment done on the saree and stitching it accordingly. This will save costs and can be individualized.

Sari Accessories

Since bridal jewelry generally has a few antique heavy gold jewelry pieces, that are family heirlooms, it is better to match the design on the saree to the jewelry. Patterns of jewelry like the satlada go well with any saree and can give the impression that a lot of jewelry is worn. Just a choker is needed if the saree is heavily worked on. Do remember that a lovely smile always adds to the accessories and bridal saree and it’s the bride’s personality that will shine through.

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