Reversible Silk Saris - The Most Preferred Choice of Bridal Sarees

Choosing the bridal sarees is one of the enjoyable activities of the wedding arrangements. It’s your special day and you are so excited! You’ve spent hours with your Mom and family, just not agreeing with her suggestions. It’s only when you get together with your friends that you finally choose your exclusive wear, that you will be wearing at the wedding ceremony - yes, you do need more than one as the bride changes her sarees in the course of the ceremony!

The theme of the wedding is Indian royalty and the décor mirrors an actual Indian palace. Traditional food for royalty will be served in silverware with liveried bearers in attendance. There is a mandap where the bride and groom will be seated on small stools and the ceremony will be conducted to unite the two in holy matrimony over a smoldering fire. The bridal sarees have to befit the occasion and the grandeur. The bride chooses a Reversible Silk Sari to get married in. This five and a half meter beautiful expanse of silk has been designed by a few exclusive stores in south India, and is the result of painstaking work by craftsmen especially proficient in this kind of work. You just love the pallu or the broad border at the two ends of the Reversible Silk Sari. When you turn it around, the border that was tucked in, comes to the fore, bringing with it the zari stretch that runs along the full length of the saree.

Traditionally hand woven bridal sarees are unique to different parts of India. There are the Kancheepurams from the south, the Maheshwaris from central India, the Jamavars from the North, and the Tanchois from the eastern parts of India, that are famous and chosen for their ethnic blend of threadwork. Reversible Silk Saris are now being made all over India with interesting names translated as ‘Sunshine and Shade’, ‘Night and Day’ which intrigue buyers and make them want to own one of these exclusive sarees.

A saree manufacturer from South India has even patented its own special Reversible Silk Saris for bridal wear. There are four pallus, four running length matching borders and two borders at the ends. This unusual warp and weft for bridal sarees was combined by weaving two lengths together as one saree. It also comes with four different blouse or choli pieces. Retailing around $1672 it may be a little steep, but considering it can be worn four times as a different rich drape, it may well be worth the price. Do think about how much space it will save – one instead of four sarees to fold!

Brides rather buy Reversible Silk Saris as they give you two different designs for the price of one. Though the material may be the same, rarely can anyone make out that the saree has been worn upside down! Team it with two cholis cut in different styles and you are set to look gorgeous. Don’t be shy to experiment with a stringed backless choli or those peek a boo sleeves. To individualize bridal saris and give it that especial look, all that the bride needs is a Reversible Silk Sari, especially made for her on order.

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