Cotton Sari - Blend of Style Grace and Elegance!

As the gentle summer breezes waft in, a cool, crisp cotton sari may be the answer for many women. A plethora of styles and designs are being created nowadays in keeping with the latest trends, which are perfect as formal wear, social event attire or a right costume for a grand occasion. Manufacturers are contending with each other, in various parts of India, to bring out the best quality, prints and designs to lure more women to reach out for this most elegant fashion wear that is receiving accolades around the globe.

Cotton grows easily in India and weavers and dyers have been in existence for the past 5,000 years. A wide selection of saris from states, such as Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Kerala, are available in different materials, textures and designs. Each state has their particular style of weave and design. Saris are available in a wide range of self colors, with contract borders, motifs, prints and appliqué work. Cotton sari can also be purchased in Khadi handloom or with zari work and embroidery.

Cotton saree is just cool and women of all ages can wear them to present an elegant and sophisticated look. Women, who work as professionals in corporate companies, wear the latest trends and look hot, on a cool day as they go about their business. The reason why a cotton sari is popular is that they are crisp and come in a riot of colors, which can make a mark, in any semi-formal or semi-casual setting. Fashion and textile designers blend the designs of the by-gone era, with contemporary appeal, using intricate craftsmanship and vibrant designs, to introduce chic and elegant summer wear.

The best way to check out each of these varieties is to scour the internet. You are bound to be overwhelmed, when you look at what each state has to offer and you can select the color and print that catches your eye. Depending on the occasion, look for saris that create a stunning impact, or allow you to look effortlessly beautiful, just because you carry it off with natural chic and elegance. Look for saris with Kanta work, or hand painted styles, if you are interested in sporting a designer wear.

Cotton Saree is always the right choice of attire for the slim and slender women which give them a bubbly look concealing their physical flaws.

Stock up your wardroom this summer with cozy clothing that is trendy, cool and captivating. Try to wear minimum jewelry, when you wear a cotton sari as this completes the ensemble, especially when you are out on a hot summer’s day. Women feel encouraged to wear the traditional style that has been worn in the yesteryears with élan and elegance. Indian men love their women in saris and this is evident, when you see them looking smug, as they strut by with their lady love!

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