Designer Saree - The new era of Saree Designers

The appearance of designer saree has been creating a great grand impact. Sarees are the traditional attire of India, where the history of the origin can be traced back for over 5000 years. The way of wearing sarees has undergone invariable changes where the importance of the most conventional attire has never vanished or got reduced. Women love Sarees because it makes them appear prettier and conceals the physical imperfections. Women are no longer required to wear the traditional and boring old saris of their mothers and grandmothers. Along with the development of textile industry and fashion world, a range of sarees are introduced now and then. The latest and most prominent among them is nothing but a designer saree. Clothing market and fashion industry is almost flooded with the range of striking designer saris. Designer saris are the only option of many women for all kinds of occasions, in particular wedding and party events.

If you ask what designer sari is, it is nothing but the transformation of traditional sarees with a range of modernizations combined with contemporary patterns. They are created in various colors with unusual designs and cuts. Generally, a women can wear a traditional saree in around 15 different styles, whereas, designer saris facilitate women to wear it in more than 40 different styles offering unique and stylish appearance. Rich designs are engraved in the designer saris, which include customized and contemporary prints, zari work, zardosi work, beads work, hand painting, embroidery, stones and beads, sequins, mirrors and much more.

Each designer saree is the outcome of the dream of the best sari designers and the artwork of the artists. Most designer saris are handmade. A sari designer can easily transform simple and plain georgette or a chiffon saree into a rich and gorgeous designer saree. Richness of the saris lies in the artwork and the added designs. Almost all types of traditional sarees -like benaras, kanchipuram silk, mysore silk, vengatagiri silk - can be transformed into grand designer saris. Following is the brief description about some famous Indian saree designers.

Ritu Kumar – if you have the immense desire of making a real fashion with a flaunting designer sari, Ritu Kumar is the first name that will encounter your mind. She is highly responsible for transformation of India’s textile industry and fashion statement. The credit of reviving the embroidery in the saris is attributed to her. You could find a plethora of designer saris with an assortment of embroidery work in her exclusive boutiques. She is considered as the revivalist of fashion statement in India. The great features of her designer saris are they are suitable for young women; and her saris offer a royal and casual look.

RituBeri – She is the first Indian fashion designer to exhibit her designer collections in Paris, the capital city of France. She is one of the students of the first fashion designing course, who has successfully graduated in the fashion designing. The elegance and style of her designer collections can have no comparisons. Saris designed by her are always in glare of publicity in metropolitan cities in India. RituBeri’s rich collection of designer saris do not only has great recognition and fans in India, but also has an international recognition.

Manish Malhotra – He is the most famous costume designer in India, who has created a great name in the fashion industry by his elegant, stylish and graceful designer work. He is an innovative sari designer, who has designed the most attractive, appealing and gorgeous designer saris for Indian celebrities.

Designer saris are always in the limelight of the fashion industry and considered the hot trend in the market, where the entire credit should be given to sari designers. Sari designers pay great attention to making an impressive designer saree with a graceful look. Moreover, they include unusual styles and creative patterns in the sarees, which are currently hot in the fashion market and highly demanded.

Designer Sarees Offer Unique Style and Elegance to Women Everywhere

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