An Unique Style and Elegance With Designer Sarees

We have a lot of first-hand knowledge and experience with designer sarees, because our family has its origins in India, and because of our background.

After all, sarees have been a form of traditional ethnic Indian attire for thousands of years now, although they are also worn by women in Malaysia, Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and other South and Southeast Asian countries.

We are quite passionate about this unique, elegant form of women's attire, and we have devoted ourselves to bringing the beauty of this traditional form of dress out from Southern Asia and into the rest of the world. 

And because even undraped saree fabric is quite beautiful, we believe its uses can and should be expanded beyond the traditional. 

We would love to see saree fabric utilized as a textile material for making other unique clothing and accessories.

What Is A Saree?

In case you're not familiar with this beautiful type of clothing, a saree (also spelled as sari) is a long strip of unstitched fabric about four to nine yards long. 

It transforms itself into an article of clothing once it is draped over a woman's body in one of several specific ways.  Most women wear their saris wrapped around their waist, with the fabric's loose end draped over their shoulder. 

Saree fabric is usually woven in such a way that one end is plain, without any decorative weaving or other embellishments.  That plain end is worn concealed inside the wrapped portion of the saree. 

The lengthwise edges of the saree fabric are woven with decorative borders that extend down the entire length of the cloth until they reach the plain end.  A two- or three-foot long section at the opposite end of the fabric is woven in a way that continues the decorative pattern of the saree's lengthwise edges. 

That decorative end is the portion that is normally worn draped over the shoulder. 

Different Forms, Fabrics and Colors

Saree fabric is frequently woven in ways that are quite stunning, with vivid, often jewel-like colors, beautiful floral prints and more abstract patterns. 

The fabric used as a saree might be silk, satin, cotton or one of several other types.  Naturally, designer sarees are among the most beautiful, and they can bring a unique style and elegance to any woman. 

Sarees can be draped and worn in several ways, including some that bare all or a portion of a woman's midriff.  The look is always elegant and quite attractive, although some styles of draping are quite demure while others are highly alluring. 

What We Offer

We have the knowledge about specially designed sarees you want, and we have the right contacts with the fabric weavers, sari factories and sari shops in India and South East Asia where sarees and sari fabrics are woven and sold.  As a result, we can help you find the most gorgeous designer sarees available, coming directly from their source. 

And, in addition to helping you find the specially designed sarees and other ethnic Indian garments that will help you look your best, we'll help you learn about them too. 

Our web site offers a wealth of interesting information about the history of saris and their classic, traditional uses on the Indian subcontinent and elsewhere in South and Southeast Asia, but we also discuss how and why saris hold so much appeal for today's girls and women from the West. 

Our designer sarees can help you make a stunning new fashion statement.  Because they can be draped in various ways and come in a variety of fabrics, patterns and colors, you can wear sarees for either formal or informal occasions. 

And because sarees, at their heart, are long strips of fabric, you might even come up with a novel way of wrapping and wearing your saree fabric yourself.

Every woman becomes more attractive when she wraps a gorgeous sari around her body.  That's why we're so passionate about helping you learn about designer sarees and where you can buy them. 

Our web site is interactive and we provide a number of FAQs that can help you learn about sarees. 

We also invite you to contact us if you have any questions or comments about sarees or other ethnic Indian attire.  We'll do our best to answer your questions and reply to any comments you might have.

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