Designer Sari - The New Fashion Statement

One of the most recent innovations and enhanced styles in saris is referred as a designer sari. Saris are the cultural representation of India. Even though not all women wear them every day as their regular outfit, saris have an important and unquestionable place in festivals and celebrations. Fashion trends keep on changing constantly. Eventually, there has been a renewed interest in the Indian women’s most traditional and elegant outfit. In spite of being a traditional wear of Indian women, saris have entered the fashion world and are considered global fashion statements represented by women of India. The changes in the fashion and outfit style do not mean we should exclude the Indian traditional wear from the repertoire. Saris have acquired a new style with enhanced beauty called designer saris and they are now getting extremely popular.

Constant changes, advancements in the fashion and the upcoming trends have set up the path to introduce saris with new and contemporary designs unique from existing types. Their heavy, eye-catching works; including beads, mirror, artificial stones, embroidery, etc, characterize designer items. These outfits are available in all kinds of fabrics. The bold color and vibrant shades of the designer sari makes it unique and different from other items. These saris enhance the beauty and extend glamorous look on the women. The beauty of a designer sari lies in the additional intricate artwork, where a simple, plain chiffon or georgette sari can be transformed into a luxurious, rich, graceful and striking designer sari. Designer items look more attractive in darker shades; like red, black, bottle green, purple, dark blue, maroon, etc. Similarly, for some women light shades white and cream color saris suit well. Rich beads and stones work make them appear like an angel.

Stylish saris are gradually replacing the traditional silk outfits due to their ability to provide classy and sophisticated appearance. A few costume designers in the movie industry have first introduced these saris in the fashion industry. Indian movies and the fashion parades in India are the main reason for the popularity and fame of the appearance of trendy saris. As stated earlier, these dresses add more beauty and glamour to the women and make them appear rich and gorgeous. Now they has almost replaced the traditional saris worn in weddings in India, where brides tend to prefer these items.

Since more women are crazy about the stylish saris, there has been a significant increase in the sale of elegant saris in the past couple of years. The increased revenue has invited to pour investments from many leading business persons - not only from India, but also from various parts of Middle East countries- to cope with the increased demand. Trendy saris do not only have a demanding market in India; there is an increasing demand in the overseas too. In addition, numerous unique boutiques have been selling exclusively expensive saris.

Stylish saris are available in various types; ranging from casual designer sari to fusion blended sari. Further, they are also available in different colors, styles, patterns and draping styles. They include painted saris, embroidered saris, ethnic saris with beadwork, embellished saris, mirror and stone store saris, embroidery with patchwork, embroidery with stonework, zari and mirror work, and much more.

Maintenance of an exclusive sari is a more complicated task than caring for a traditional silk sari and quite expensive as well. These saris should be dry-cleaned and wrapped in soft tissues. In spite of giving gorgeous and glamorous look, the beauty of the women wearing the designer sari is complete only when they are matched with the jewelry and appropriate blouse style. There is no point wearing an ethnic jewelry set with expensive saris with a blouse stitched in a normal style.

Now, traditional Indian saris like Kanchipuram Silk saris, Banaras silk saris, mysore silk saris, cotton silk, etc can also be included and transformed into a designer sari. Similar to a silk sari, designer versions are the outcome of the artistic work of the designer. Wearing the designer items is an elegant way of dressing up for a contemporary wedding, corporate event, or a party.

Designer Sari - The New Fashion Statement

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