The Many Uses of Fancy Sarees

Looking for fancy sarees? The Indian saree is a popular dress that comes in many different colors, fabrics, and designs.

It continues to be popular even after thousands of years, because of its unique ability to hide or accentuate the figure of a woman.

When you think of a saree, you probably only think of its use as a woman's clothing. However, the Indian saree can also be used in many different products, such as designer dresses, crafts, scuffs, framed portraits, table cloths, and curtains.

Western Women Will Admire Their Unique Look

Because we have many years of experience in buying and selling sarees, we are committed to promoting these fine garments to the rest of the world.

We are especially anxious to appeal to western women and designers who are looking for new and different fabrics to expand their creativity. That’s why this site is dedicated to informing the world about the saree and its various uses, aside from the traditional use by women in India.

These days, even Indian women have departed from the traditional meanings that defined the types of sarees. This well established and long lasting form of beautiful clothing has expanded into a popular form of cloth that can be used for various products.

It is part of our mission to also provide information to visitors about the uses of the saree aside from traditional uses. No matter how this invention is used, as clothing or in various product, it will always remain a unique, versatile, beautiful cloth.

Designer Sarees

On our site, you will learn about fancy sarees that can be used for both wearing and creating designer dresses, crafts, scuffs, and other handmade items. Grand saree designs can be used as framed portrait, table cloths, curtains, and other types of interior decorations.

Designer Dresses

Saree cloth can also be used to make unique, flamboyant designer dresses guaranteed to make you stand out. If you enjoy creating your own clothing, you should consider using saree cloth for your designs.


The possibilities for using saree cloth in crafts are endless. Just use your imagination to create whatever you want to either for yourself or as a unique gift. One example of a craft you could make using saree cloth is a doll.


You can even create scuffs with saree cloth to help make your shoes stand out.

Framed Portrait

Do you want to give your family portrait a warm, happy border? How about that other framed picture of you and your spouse? You can create any type of design, color, and textured border you want for all of your treasured portraits.

Table cloths

Fancy sarees can even serve as a wonderful, colorful, extravagant table cloth.

They come in many different colors, designs, and high class textures that are much better than boring table cloths you can find elsewhere.

By using a saree as a table cloth in your home, you will receive endless compliments and questions about where you bought such a gorgeous table cloth.

Many types of saree table cloths feature a golden border to enhance the atmosphere in your dining room.


Are you sick and tired of your bland, boring, old curtain? Why not use that as an opportunity to tear down that old curtain and use saree cloth to replace it with a new, stylish, extraordinary curtain. All of your friends and family will wonder were you found such a fabulous curtain.

Although the saree has been around for thousands of years, it has not remained exactly the same. It has evolved to have different colors, designs, and textures. Moreover, the saree can serve additional uses, such as designer dresses, crafts, scuffs, framed portraits, table cloths, curtains, and other hand made and interior design items.

Regardless of what form the saree takes on, it never ceases to be a unique, timeless beauty. We also hope that the Western World can carry on this evolved tradition no matter what form they choose, be it a table cloth, curtain, or framed portrait.

Questions About Sarees

If you have any questions about fancy sarees, please look at our page dedicated to FAQ.

If you still cannot find the answer to your question, you are welcome to ask us directly, using our contact page.

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