How to Wear a Saree - A Step By Step Guide.

Here we explain to you how to wear a saree in step by step illustrations and videos.

As you might know, a saree consists of a long strip of unstitched fabric that is ultimately draped around and over a woman's body in one of several specific styles. The length of fabric can be anywhere between four and nine yards long, depending on the style.

Although several styles of draping are possible, most women wrap the sari fabric around their waist and drape the loose end - which is called the pallu and is often gorgeously decorated - loosely over one shoulder. The other, undecorated end of the sari fabric is concealed because it is inside the wrapped portion.

How to wear a saree - First 6 steps

how to wear a saree

1. Hold inner end of the saree with your left hand.

2. Making sure that the saree is at floor level, tuck the top border of inner end into the petticoat.

3. Then pass the saree around the front maintaining the same height.

4. Keep the top edge level, tuck in a little to keep saree firm.

5. Start folding the pleats from the right holding taut the edge of the saree.

6. Hold the pleats together and adjust the height so the bottom edge is at floor level.

You can fasten you saree to petticoat with many small safety pins from inside too prevent it from slipping off and it will take away your worries and make you move around at ease

Cannot follow these steps? Click here to see How to Wrap a Sari Video Guide before reading further.

How to wear a saree - Final 6 steps

how to wear a sari

7. Tick in the pleats into petticoat. The pleats should fall straight.

8. Bring around the saree.

9.10&11 Hold it in your right and pass on to your left, arranging the border evenly.

12. Drape on your left shoulder allowing the end piece to fall casually.

The end portion thus draped, from the left shoulder onwards, is called the Pallav or the Pallu, and can be prevented from slipping off the shoulder, by fastening it at the shoulder to the blouse with a small safety pin.

A little patients and practice will make it perfect. We hope this how to wrap a saree steps helped you to enjoy the incomparable style and elegance that only a gorgeous sari can provide.

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