How to Wrap a Sari - A Video Guide

Still not sure how to wrap a sari? Video is the best option if your are not familiar with the art of wrapping a sari. All the videos below are selected to easy and simple illustration so that you can learn to wear a sari in a manner that will flatter your family and friends. In fact, many Western women are now discovering the true beauty of this type of clothing, and in both the Western world and in India, the sari has become more of a fashion statement than anything else, although many Indian women still wear them as a symbol of pride and as a way to show honor and respect for longstanding traditions.

Wear it to a party, to work or any other formal and in-formal events and watch the heads turn as your enter elegantly with your rich and colorful Indian sari!

How to Wrap a Sari – Video Guide

“The sari's radiance, vigor and variety, produced by a single straight length of cloth, should give us in the West pause and make us think twice about the zipper, the dart and the shoulder pad.” by anonymous

The above sari quote should explain the uniqueness of sari. This rectangular unstitched format of the Sari allows for individual creativity while wearing. There are as many different techniques of wearing a Sari as there are many sari styles and you can find it here in our website. Visit us for more updates and information about sari fashion and trends. We hope the above how to wrap a saree video gave you some confidence to try some different and unique.

If you have any questions about fancy sarees, please look at our page dedicated to FAQ.

If you still cannot find the answer to your question, you are welcome to ask us directly, using our contact page.

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