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Why this Indian Sari Fabric website?

First of all, we'd like to thank your for visiting our Indian saris website. On this page, we'd like to take the opportunity to tell a little bit more about ourselves, so you will get a better understanding who's behind this website.

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We are a group of fancy girls with a not so fancy saree mission! We are dedicated to promoting the use of sari and sari fabrics for formal and casual wearing and as fine furnishings and décor. Our mission is to help sustain and support this tradition by encouraging Indian women to wear Sari and by introducing to the world the timeless beauty of sari and sari fabrics. We have been doing freelance Sari advice and sale using our networks in India, Malaysia, Thailand, USA and Japan for years. We source our saris direct from sari fabric weaver and factories in Indian and designer made saris from boutiques and saris shops around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We also give consultation for sari fabric types, selection designs, colors for various events and weddings.

About website

This site is for all, from housewives who looking for sari shopping to creative designers. It is for teen age girls, craft artist, interior designers, art collector and for creative artist who are looking for uniqueness.

Based on the years of experience in Sari, we want to promote sari to the world especially, to western girls and designer who looking for some unique fabric to expand their creativity. We want this website to be an informative site about sari/saree and it various uses away from it traditional use as a attire for Indian women. At this site you can purchase various Indian sari fabrics displayed in shopping pages. But, our goal is more than just selling sari! We encourage you to interact with us at FAQ page and other pages where you can communicate with us or with other visitors by commenting and answering their questions.

Slogan & Mission

Get inspired here, with our slogan “fancy saris for fancy you”. Give new sari ideas and get new sari ideas!

Our mission is to promoting the use of Indian sari fabric for formal and casual wearing and as fine fabric for creative crafts and décor. The tradition of the sari and its intricate hand-woven cotton and silk fabrics date back over few millennium and are a fundamental part of Indian cultural heritage. With this passion we want to help sustain and support this tradition by encouraging the Indian to wear the Sari and by introducing to the world to the timeless beauty of sari and sari fabrics.

We also want to promote Sari re-recycling and create a new way for many housewives to make more by directly selling their saris through our website. There millions of sari stored in many Indian closets and left to decay. This saris have re-cycling value. Recycling sari can be seen as earth friendly as this long and wide fabric can be used as raw material for many products such as scarf, muffler, dress, skirt, hats, handbags, shopping bags and other handmade items. Thus, reduce demand for other natural fabric which sometimes produced by exploiting the environment.

As a family of Indian origin we have the first hand knowledge of saris and it has been our passion to promote Indian sari fabric to the world and expand the use of sari fabric for as textile material to make other unique cloth and accessories.

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