Indian wedding sari to suit the occasion

There is nothing more elegant than an Indian wedding sari. Every bride would like to look her gorgeous best on her wedding day and look for the best attire. Today, there are many styles introduced that brides can select, though many still prefer to drape the sari, in the original style. Designers vie with each other, to make custom designed wedding sarees for the bride and launch new styles and designs, to suit a traditional or modern bride. The bride is often identified by the clothes she wears as well as the style.

Indian wedding saree – variety and style

Designers are creating new styles and designs which are being coveted by brides throughout India. The sari is making a comeback in the main stream fashion world, as brides select the designer of their choice to custom design her saree, or outfit and the material to be used. In the North, brides may wear saris or convert them to fashionable lehengas or similar styles.The Indian wedding sarees are heavy because it is bejeweled with stones, beads, colored threads and sequins or other embellishments. The sarees are created in silk, georgettes, chiffons and other similar materials. The personality of the bride is visible, when she adorns herself with the Indian wedding saree, jewelry to match and make-up which may be subtle or dramatic.

Colors of Indian wedding sari

The traditional color of the Indian wedding saree is red though nowadays, any color that suits the complexion of the bride is used and then the attire is highlighted with beautiful jewelry. White, maroon, pink is also colors normally selected by the Indian bride though they can opt for any color. Embroidery work with zardosi, mirror work, resham, or bead work may include semi-precious stones. The designer helps to make the right selection for the bride. The bride’s parents, family members or friends may accompany her to select her trousseau which includes her wedding sari. It is a day of great happiness and the bride enjoys the attention she receives.

Indian wedding sari – the hot fashion statement ever

The Indian wedding saree is becoming popular in many famous weddings all over the world. It is internationally recognized for its grace, elegance and charm and many young women still respect the original sari and wish to wear it on their wedding day.

Apart from the sari or saris that are worn on the wedding day, the bride will have to purchase a few heavy and rich sarees to wear in the initial days of her marriage. The colors and styles chosen are again a matter of choice and depending on the budget can range from expensive to exorbitant.

Buying the Indian wedding sari online

Several websites cater to Indian bridal wedding saris and you can check out the various designs, styles, colors and materials used. Many brides go through these selections carefully and may even place their order online. Many textile manufacturers are creating versions that are affordable to help brides’ look and feel like a million dollars on their wedding day. You should spend time to select the best Indian wedding saree that will suit you perfectly. Get professional advice if you are confused and unable to make the decision on your own. After all, you are worth it!

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