An Indian Sari - A Modern Dress With Authentic References

When it comes to looking for an Indian sari,  you want to be able to rely on a trustworthy source.  

Because  we have many years of experience in buying and selling saris, we are committed  to promoting these fine garments to the rest of the world.

We are especially  anxious to appeal to western women and designers who are looking for new and  different fabrics to expand their creativity.

That’s why this web site is dedicated  to informing the world about the sari and its various uses, aside from the  traditional use by women in India.

The Indian-style Sari is a traditional dress that  dates back to 2800-1800 B.C.  Hindu culture was against wearing any  clothing that was pierced with a needle, because they believed it to be  impure.  Therefore they used rectangular, six yards of woven, cotton cloth  to create what is known as the sari. 

Genuine Indian Saris

brahmin women in saree The sari is unique, because one size fits all, it can be used to hide a figure or to accentuate the woman's figure.  In addition, the sari allows women to dance freely, while maintaining their modesty. Eventually silk and other threads were also used, because the cotton saris were too plain.Using the other threads allowed for more unique designs.

Traditional Symbolism of  Saris

If you need consultation on sari fabric  types, selection designs, colors for various events and weddings, you have come  to the right place.

The Indian sari is not just clothing; it carries  significant meanings and symbolism in the form of designs and colors. 

Did you know, for instance, that the paisley  and fish are common designs that represent fertility, but can also stand for  the abundance of food and children?  These patterns were mostly abundant  near the coastal regions, where the people survived on a main diet of fish.

You are probably familiar with the fact that  in India, the elephant symbolizes fertility, wealth, good luck, royalty, and  water. The elephant also illustrates the God Ganesh who is the remover of  obstacles.

With attention to the traditional meanings  and symbolism in Indian Sari design we can help you find the right fabric that  will make you shine and make a fashion statement.

Need Color Advice?

You can of course select any color you like  or use the colors that make you look your best on any occasion. Feel free  however, to reach out and ask for our advice if you want to learn about their symbolism.

In a traditional sense, the color red is a  sign of valor and stands for the warrior.  Currently, it can also signify  sexual and emotional implications and is worn by most Indian brides.

The yellow sari is believed to be the color  of religion.  Typically, new mothers will wear yellow saris for a week  after the birth of their child.  Additionally, Indian brides and grooms  are usually covered in a yellow paste for their wedding.

Traditionally green saris were worn by the  merchant classes, but they have become popular amongst Muslims.  Many  Muslim brides wear this color.

Blue was associated with the working class  (weavers, artisans, and farmers), because high caste Hindus thought that the  fermentation process of this color was impure.

White is viewed as the pure color, so it is  generally worn during rituals and for mourning.

Although in today's world, the sari is more  of a fashion statement, the traditional meanings and symbolism are still  important to know.  It is impressive for a type of clothing to survive and  thrive for such a long period of time.  As time goes on the sari only  becomes more and more important to the tradition and culture of Indian  heritage. 

Because the tradition of the Indian sari and its  intricate hand-woven cotton and silk fabrics date back over a few millennium  and are a fundamental part of Indian cultural heritage, we are dedicated to  promoting the use of authentic sari and sari fabrics for both formal and casual  wearing as fine furnishings and décor. 

It is our mission to help sustain and support  this tradition by encouraging the Indian to wear the sari and introduce to the  world the timeless beauty of sari and sari fabrics.

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