A Kerala saree lends elegance and charm

Wearing a Kerala saree is the rage of all times. Kerala traditions date back through the centuries to the time, when fabrics were exclusively woven by experienced weavers, for members of the Royal Family.

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Handloom fabrics with fine weaves and 100% pure cotton was selected in white color and the border and pallu of the saree was gold (zari) known as “Kasavu,” where the threads were pure gold, copper coated or just artificial. Traditionally women wore the “sett mundu,” which was also referred as “mundum neriyathum”. This comprises of two pieces of cloth which was draped to resemble the saree. Today the Kerala sari may be embellished with stones, thread work, sequins, or fabric painting with contrasting borders and colors.

Kerala sari – traditional to trendy

In ancient times, the saree was one as two-piece and women did not wear any blouses to cover the upper part of their body. This practice of covering the top half of the body was adopted only around the 20th century. The mundu is worn even today, by young girls and old women, in Kerala. It has become fashionable to wear this sort of attire and many Indian actresses wear the Kerala saree, in its various styles, in movies or in real life at important occasions.

Versatility of a Kerala sari

The price of the saree depends on the quality of the Kasavu border and the uniqueness of the design. Many actresses are wearing this saree to present an elegant and charming appearance. Many countries appreciate these types of sarees, which are famous in Kerala and make different types of attire, if they do not want to wear it as a traditional saree. Depending on the location, manufacturers try to imitate this type of look and add different color, designs and styles. The sarees are generally pure white, or off-white in color with contrasting borders, which nowadays introduce bands of color and designs. You can buy them in different price ranges and enjoy wearing them in summer to beat the heat.

Kerala sari adds grace and beauty

Kerala sarees look elegant and women who wear them can carry off a sophisticated look even though the saree may be plain with a small one inch or six to seven inch border. Designs such as peacocks, flower prints and motifs are woven intricately to enhance the work and golden thread is woven to lend charm and style to the saree. Young girls, as well as old women can be seen wearing these sarees, which are special to Kerala, especially on festive occasions, such as Onam. The Kerala saree has came a long way since ancient times when it was worn with minimum colors and designs, but with more gold threads interwoven that made them expensive.

Kerala sari – A must to have in every wardrobe

Manufacturers in different locations try to copy this white or off-white look with interesting combinations in silk and other fabrics that look equally charming and alluring. Many women around India do not hesitate to add a saree to their collection and wear one to an important event or to a party. The way the saree is draped makes a lot of difference to exude charm and elegance.

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