The Party Wear Saree Should Reflect Your Mood

The party wear saree can be demure or sensational. It all depends on how you wear what you have in your wardrobe. If a sari is your traditional wear, then you are likely to have a couple of saris which are worn for parties. These parties could be official or just fun hanging out with friends. But if saris are not your usual style of dressing you would like to get a special one to wear to parties.

Choose a sari that you feel comfortable in and can handle wearing it. It is better to have the folds neatly in place and then pin it accordingly so that there are no sudden surprises. The party wear saree works out quite expensive since it has to befit the occasion. Check out the many online stores and select what you would like depending on the material, design, color combination, and the price.

Party wear sarees can be six yards of fun and charm

The sari can be an expression of fun. Try draping it in different ways. The conventional way, with the ‘pallu’ or the opposite end of the sari worn over the right shoulder, can be worn differently. Try bringing it in front over the left shoulder. This spotlights the broad border over at the front of the body, rather than at the back where the full blown design remains hidden. This style of draping the sari can accentuate the waist.

If you have a figure that does not have folds of skin hanging over the belly or at the back, go with a chiffon style party saree. This can be gaily patterned or have a more sober color scheme. Nowadays a lot of the chiffons and georgettes are being embroidered with sequins and beads. This increases the price of the sari as well as makes it dressy for party wear. Wear it with a well cut ‘choli’ that has a stringed effect at the back and off shoulder cut at the arms, and you could well be the cynosure of all eyes. Don’t forget to pin it at the right places and you could dance the night away.

Accessorize the party saree to make it grandeur and gorgeous

The party wear saree needs the right accessories to make it a complete ensemble. Decide the jewelry around the neck and on the ears, depending on the cut of the blouse. If the blouse is simple go with a choker that has semi precious stones or has diamonds. If the ‘choli’ is embellished with sequins or mirror work, keep the neck piece simple. Wear matching danglers. This again depends on how the hair is worn. For a fun party wear the hair loose around the shoulders. More formal occasions call for a chignon. In India, guests at a wedding, wear their hair in a braid or tie it at the back and intertwine it with jasmine tied together with a string.

Bangles are a must with a sari . You can wear a wrist watch on one hand – a bracelet pattern would be nice. The other hand must have either gold bangles or glass bangles. Carry a small handbag in leather that matches with the color theme of the sari. Stick to a coordinated look by matching all accessories with the design and color of the party wear saree.

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