Caring for Pure Silk Sarees

We've told you about the elegance and exquisite beauty of pure silk sarees, and how silk can help you look your best. 

In fact, you can find sarees in a number of fabrics, including silk, satin, cotton, polyester, rayon and nylon, and they're all gorgeous.  But, there is little doubt that sarees made of pure silk are the most stunning of all. 

For one thing, silk is a delightfully cool, shimmering fabric that looks beautiful whether it features a deeply-hued solid color, a delicate design or an ornate or geometric pattern. 

But silk also drapes over a woman's body in a flattering way that no other type of sari fabric can match.  We're absolutely convinced that sarees of pure silk are able to transform any woman's appearance and help her look her very best.

How to Care For Pure Silk Sarees

You might not be convinced, though, or at least not yet.  Others of you may have seen silk sarees before, so you already know just how gorgeous they can be.  Still, though, you might be wondering about how to care for them properly or worry that it might be difficult, expensive or time-consuming. 

We have many years of personal experience with sarees of all types, including pure silk sarees.  Let us share some of what we know about silk sarees, including how and where they're made and the proper way to care for and store them. 

We're sure that after you read what we have to say, you'll be convinced that silk sarees are not only beautiful, but easy to care for and store safely.

Made from the Finest Silk

Dozens of generations of Indian master weavers have been creating the fabric for silk sarees for countless centuries now.  And even today, even as you read this, master weavers across the length and breadth of the vast Indian subcontinent are sitting at their looms, weaving beautiful silk saree fabric. 

These master craftspeople slowly, carefully create pure magic with their looms and always lend a distinctive touch to their fabric creations.  It takes three of these master weavers approximately ten days to weave the fabric for just one pure silk saree. 

The quality of the finely woven pure silk sarees produced by these craftspeople has definitely contributed to the development and fame of fine Indian silk.

The most well-known of the Asian weaving centers for sari fabric - including the fabric used in pure silk sarees - have always been located in Gujrat, in northeastern Pakistan, Malwa, in northern India, Assam, in the extreme northeast of India, and in various locations in southern India. 

The raw silk used in these and other silk sari fabric weaving centers mostly comes from Tamil Nadu at the extreme southern tip of the subcontinent or Karnataka in southwest India.

But that's enough for now about how and where silk sarees are woven and where the raw silk comes from.  You're probably more interested in more practical concerns, such as how easy or difficult it is to care for and store pure silk sarees.

To begin with, and perhaps most importantly, avoid handling the fabric of any silk saree roughly.  Always treat your silk saree gently.  You'll also want to keep it free of wrinkles, so don't fold it in the same places time and time again.  Instead, fold the fabric in different places each time.  This is really all you'll need to do to care for silk sarees.  See how easy it is?

Once you buy some pure silk sarees, you'll also need to know how to store them so they stay in good condition and remain as beautiful as when brand new. 

Silk is a natural fabric and must breathe.  Cotton is breathable, so it allows air to pass through and reach whatever it covers.  Your silk saree should always be covered by a clean piece of cotton cloth to keep it safe and free of dust while it's being stored. 

Covering a silk saree with plastic traps moisture and can cause yellowing as well as mildew, so never cover a pure silk saree with plastic.  Finally, moths love dining on silk, so keep the moths at bay by storing your silk saree with some moth balls or cedar chips surrounding it.

As you can see, caring for and storing silk sarees isn't expensive and doesn't require much effort at all.  If you follow this advice and care for your pure silk sarees properly, they'll remain elegant and exquisite for years.

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