Saree Fabric - Great Ideas on Non-Attire Uses

Different types of saris are made from different saree fabric; ranging from silk to synthetic, cotton to chiffon, etc. Since saris are the traditional attire of Indian women, it is quite hard to find a wardrobe without saris. Moreover, there is large number of women, for whom sari is their routine costume. Apart from being used as attire, sari fabric can be used for various fruitful purposes. Following are the good and great ideas on non-attire and new uses of saree silk.

A sari fabric can be used as a home decor. Let us see the different uses of saree, which enhances the beauty of the decor.

• Curtains – Thin synthetic and chiffon fabric can be used as curtains for windows and doors during summer. Similarly luscious silk saris or cotton and polyester saris can be used as curtains during winter. Colourful, floral design fabric makes the home attractive. Lightweight saree fabric curtains are the ideal choice for curtains, especially for a fly curtain during the hot season.

• Sofa Cover / bed spread / pillow cover – Tussar silk and soft thick cotton fabric are the ideal choice of home furnishings. You can combine two or three different pieces and make a beautiful bed throw.

• Drapes – Satin fabric is the perfect choice of long hangings

• Tablecloths – You can use the borders of the Saris for bordering the tablecloth.

• Partition covers and wooden screen – You can enhance the privacy of your room with enhanced beauty by screening off with sarees mounted in the wooden frames.

• Floor mats – Cotton fabric can be converted into soft floor mats for bedroom, dining, etc.

• Quilts – You can blend the silk or cotton fabric into a colourful and appealing quilt to use on the beds.

• Bed Sheets – Soft saree fabric is suitable to use for bed sheets and beds for infants and kids. Sometimes, it can add a finishing touch to blankets.

• Instant fabric wall hanging – Any rich and appealing sarees fabric can be cut into desired geometrical length, and set on a picture frame, where you can have an artistic instant wall art.

New and distinctive uses of sari fabric are;

• Handkerchiefs – Soft cotton fabric can serve as a handkerchief for kids.

• Dust cloth and dust wipes – It is one of the most commonly used ways of recycling old saris.

• Scarves and headband – You can get a number of scarves from one saree. Scarves from synthetic fabric or silk fabric offer an appealing look. Further, you can cover the plastic headbands with fabric.

• Purses and bags – Different types of handbags, purses, coin pouches, mobile phone cases, etc., can be made from sari. It can also be used as cover for laptops, iPods, etc.

• Stuffed Toys – One of the greatest non-attire uses of saree fabric is toys. You can make some grand and elegant toys with fabric, where silk is the ideal choice.

• Aprons – Convert the thicker cotton saris into aprons.

• Fabric wrap – Fabric wraps can cover the gifts, lunch box, etc. Japanese people have been following it as their tradition.

Besides the above list, silk is an exclusive natural fabric, which can be used for numerous non-attire usages. Further, silk fabric is considered the most preferred drapery for furnishing and decorating the home. Different types of silk fabric are produced exclusively for home furnishings. It is soft and luscious, as well as adds luxurious and stylish. Many people consider using silk fabric curtains and satin curtains, as they has great moisture absorbing capacity, where it absorbs heat during summer and cold during winter. Brooches and sari pins can be made from silk fabric.

In addition to silk fabric, cotton is yet another saree fabric having good amount of non-attire usage.

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