Saree store - Understanding the Indian Women Psyche

A good saree store in today’s time would have to be well-equipped to meet the growing needs of the women of today. A typical modern Indian woman is not content to choose from a handful.

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My mom might have been more than satisfied if she got to pick up a saree from among the 20 pieces spread out in front of her, though I may find it difficult to do so even after having brushed aside two hundred of them. Call the modern Indian woman choosy, nosey, whatever- but she knows what she wants and will not settle for anything less than that. Not just that, she is not the types who would make compromises- Ok, if you do not have a red chiffon, show me some other bright color! No way. If I want red, I will wear ONLY red!!

Catering to such customers can be very difficult, I agree. But then, that is the way things are. Customers getting more and more finicky and demanding do not make running a saree store the easiest of tasks. Besides having all genres of sarees in their stock, the stores have to keep themselves geared to follow the latest trends and fads. The range of available colours, fabrics, prints and embellishments is mind boggling and it is a difficult task putting together a huge collection, which could attract saree lovers. Attempting to do so would give any aspiring saree retailer a good run for his money.

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Sarees today are inspired mostly by different Bollywood trends. Courtesy the young designers like Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, Ritu Beri, Neeta Lulla, Wendel Rodricks and Sabyasachi Mukerjeee, etc. the look of the traditional five yard drape has undergone a drastic change. The woman of today who is fashion conscious and has a figure that can carry off a designer outfit with panache might want to have a look at the saree which ‘Rani’ was wearing with a noodle strapped blouse in Hum Tum before that dance in the rain or the sarees like the ones ‘Ash’ was wearing in Action replay. Silly demands like this might actually make the store owner want to pull his hair in despair. But as the cliché goes, the customer is the KING or, shall we say, the QUEEN in this case?

An upmarket saree store is likely to have a separate section handling customers who are putting together their trousseau or shopping for a wedding in the family. This section apart from having the most flamboyant pieces, also provide ’bargains’ and special deals to their customers. These include a special discount on purchases exceeding a particular amount, free ‘finishing’ of sarees, or may be free stitching of the accompanying blouses. After all, it does not take much to make a woman happy, does it?

Where trends change everyday, the stock needs to be checked out regularly. To avoid outdated wares occupying a bulk of the shelf space and investment, stocks have to be renewed on a periodic basis. Announcing a SALE might not be such a bad idea to deal with obsolete stuff. Women find it difficult to resist sales and come in hordes when they are offered special prices by their favourite saree store. In the mad rush of getting everything for a special price, the demand for the trendiest stuff takes a backseat, leaving both the store owner and the womenfolk happy!

A good saree store would have to avail the services of best salesmen who are adept at handling with women and understand the female psyche. An efficient salesman might be able to sell a not-so-good saree in a jiffy, if he manages to convince the prospective buyer that this is just the right buy for her. A charming and polite staff can go a long way in spelling out the success story of a good store. They say a good salesman can sell ice to an Eskimo-that is exactly what is needed when one is dealing with women, since the most sensible and smartest of them can be whimsical and impulsive at times. There have been hugely successful saree stores over the years which have a loyal following. Many of them have managed to foray into other range of garments as well and launched complete clothing lines of their own.

As with any other business, reaching that pinnacle of success is not such an impossible task, if the entrepreneur combines a good taste in fashion with some prudence and a sound business strategy.

Pink jari woven Madras South Indian sari

Pink jari woven Madras South Indian sari

Pink jari woven Madras South Indian sari

Golden yellow and green golden woven saree

Golden yellow and green golden woven saree

Golden yellow and green golden woven saree

Contemporary Unique Saree

Contemporary Unique Saree

Contemporary Unique Saree

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