Saree actress plays a befitting role

Advertisers choose a saree actress, actress draped in a beautiful six yard fabric, to draw attention to their product. The sari is draped over the actress in such a way that her curves are displayed to the maximum advantage. Needless to say the actress should have a good figure and a pleasing face. The glamour quotient is added by the choice of material of the sari which will usually have a lot of bling and will be of a sheer fabric like chiffon. The ‘choli’ will be cut in such a way that there is a lot of cleavage showing. The actual product may be totally unrelated to the model in the picture, but yet this whole scenario sells the product.

Sari actress and the right backdrop

Women wearing saris have a mystique that people find hard to resist. This is being exploited by cinema production houses and advertisers to bring in the cash. Women are made to pose wearing the six yards of fabric but underneath a waterfall so that the fabric clings to her silhouette. Add to this an almost nonexistent ‘choli’ and the picture can be titillating.

Many young girls make their portfolios with pictures of them as a saree actress, hoping that these shots of them will get them roles in films or get them featured in advertisements. The photographs are taken at different angles, highlighting body parts. Sometimes accessories are used to accentuate the figure, like the use of a bejeweled waist band. Naval adornment is quite common, as also tying the sari really low. Sometimes snakes and pythons are used to add an element of excitement to the picture frame. These creatures are draped around the model in a daring way, providing a peek at parts of the anatomy.

The girls are made to pose against a background that adds to the sensuality of the picture. It could be anything from a tiger print sofa to desert sands. These pictures are sold to websites that want to attract viewers to their site, or are used as decoys to more sinister dealings.

Sari actresses are models for designer wear

Designers have to grab the attention of a niche segment of clientele. They use the saree actresses as a prop to flaunt their creations. The sari designs use bold prints on expensive fabric, which is then draped suggestively on the model. The ‘cholis’ are usually just a band of cloth across the bust. All the attention is on the saree and nothing should detract from this. Yet the model wearing the saree has to be slender and curvaceous at the same time so as to sell the product. Naturally having the sari displayed on a mannequin is not going to have the same effect as on a live model.

The life of these models is fraught with stress as they have to look their best at all times. The competition is also stiff as younger girls are entering the fray and are not hesitant to bare all. They all know that their life in this business is short lived so the sari actress tries to get the maximum mileage she can in terms of money and visibility, as long as she is in the business.

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