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Welcome to our sarees snippets page and get inspired to take the major decision to drape a sari! Saris are now no longer the refuge of moms who were averse to experimenting. A fancy sari is the new fashion mantra, saris having now revolutionized the Indian fashion scene and added flair and dash to the dressing style of an Indian woman. 

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Bollywood Sarees - Reel Influence On Real Life!

It is easy for women to get influenced by the sarees worn by the leading ladies, whom they want to emulate. This is partly because of the fact there is a whole team working behind the scenes to create the magic we see on the screen-the fashion designers, the make-up artist, the hairstylist, the cameramen, choreographers, et al. What emerges on screen is a larger-than-life persona whose slightest whim becomes a fashion-dictate for millions of wannabes across the nation. 

Bollywood saris, needless to say, play the greatest role in redefining the look of an actress. Each saree is a trendsetter in its own right, each piece crafted meticulously to have a mesmerizing effect on the audience. Fresh colour combinations, prints, embroideries and fabrics tried out by the talented bunch of our directors like Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Sabyasachi Mukerjee, Wendel Rodricks and Neeta Lulla, etc. never fail to have a hypnotic effect on the women in the audience who notice every little detail. 

Bollywood Sarees - Reel Influence on real Life.

Aishwarya Rai in Saree - A Timeless Beauty!

aishwarya rai in white sari

An Aishwarya Rai in saree can make many a heart skip a beat! Who can forget how chiffon sarees became a nation wide rage and sold like hotcakes when she wore them in the Shahrukh-Amitabh starrer Mohabbatein. So much so that a famous Bangalore based saree store went on to the extent of launching his chiffon saree line by the name-Aishwarya Rai Saree collection… Indian audience has always loved her most when she is traditionally dressed- the greatest proof of that being the fact that her biggest Bollywood Hits have been Hum dil de chuke sanam, Guru, Jodhaa Akbar and Devdas. 

Aishwarya Rai in Saree - A Timeless Beauty!

Actress Saree Over the Years

An actress saree has, over the years, revolutionized the way the Indian woman on the street dresses up and inspired new lines of apparel, though it is not just the clothes worn by leading Bollywood men and women-even their hairdo and accessories have set the flavor and the look of the season. 

Actress Saree Over the Years

A Sexy Saree - Get Daring and Trendy!!!

saexy saree

The woman of today is all about flamboyance and doing what she does with panache. No more is she willing to hide unsightly love-handles hidden beneath layers of thick silk sarees. Now that she spends hours on the treadmill for that perfect flat-as-a-washboard tummy and doing dumb-bells for those toned upper arms, she does not want to dress up conservatively. So much so that we get to see a much glamorized version of a typically Indian piece of ensemble- the saree. Quintessentially a conservative dress and an epitome of Indian tradition, it has undergone a sea-change, thanks to the new life being infused by the new crop of dress designers on the block. A Sexy saree is the answer to the trendy needs of this breed of youngsters who has no qualms with flaunting their size-zero figures give a whole new dimension to this piece of outfit. 

A Sexy Saree - Get Daring and Trendy!!!

What makes a saree hot?

What makes a saree hot and desirable for our young wannabes? For the young, fashion-conscious generation of today who wants to live life to the fullest and make an impression with whatever they do, dressing conservatively is unthinkable. 

Ask them to dress like their moms did two decades back and see all hell let loose. Other than getting a good verbal bashing and dirty looks, you will be branded a ‘jerk’ and a ‘misfit’! This young brigade who will stop at nothing wants to wear clothes that reflect their attitude and approach to life-rebellious and flamboyant. They will lap up branded jeans, capris, tank tops, hot pants, tube tops, corsets, bikinis with as much aplomb as they will sexy saris, designer ghaghra-cholis and salwar-kameez suits, as long as they feel their outfit can make a style statement. 

What makes a saree hot?

Transparent Saree - Add Spice to Your Style!!

What could be a better way to show off that perfectly chiseled body than a sexy, transparent saree? Gone are the days when oversize, flabby women would resort to wearing sarees to hide their flab and extra pounds. 

Women today are figure-conscious and do not mind spending a few hours sweating it out everyday to attain that perfect hourglass figure. Such see-through saris are a hot favourite with top notch Bollywood designers as well- with chiffon and net being the obvious choices. Chiffon is a light, transparent fabric- soft and delicate. But the delicate look is actually a façade to the strength and durability of this fabric which drapes beautifully and accentuates the soft curves of woman, adding an element of sensuousness to her femininity. 

Transparent Saree - Add Spice to Your Style!!

A Titillating Wet Saree!!

wet saree

A wet saree has been the ultimate epitome of sensuousness for our Hindi film makers. The saree has long since been used to present our actresses glamorously- and for this they have tried chiffon sarees, kanjeevarams, Bengali sarees, embroidered sarees, heavily sequined sarees, sarees with itsy-bitsy blouses and, of course, a wet saree! 

A sari has always epitomized sensuality and added to the charisma of the wearer. An ordinary looking woman undergoes a complete metamorphosis on wearing it (if she chooses the right saree for her figure, height and complexion) and drapes it elegantly. This very fact has been fully exploited by Bollywood masala-film makers. 

A Titillating Wet Saree!! Sarees - Hot Snippetsa>

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