Sari Below Navel - Enhance Your Beauty and Grace.

Draping a sari below navel has different styles and methods. Irrespective of varied views, it invariably adds beauty. All Indian women are blessed to have their own tradition and unique culture. Moreover, they should be thankful to the person, who has created the greatest and appealing attire, sari. Sari is the traditional and gifted clothing of Indian women and they are the global representation of India. Further, it is an exclusive outfit, which completely transforms the wearer and it looks great on any woman. It adds grace, elegance, style and beauty to the appearance of women, and makes them appear at their best. Saris can be worn in different ways, which is attributed with the region and practices. Let us see briefly about the method of draping a sari below navel, which is more also called low hip or low waist sari.

Being a traditional and regular attire of most women, there are several ladies who are comfortable with draping the sari beautifully in a few minutes. The common style of draping the saris is around the waist, in which one end is draped on the shoulder. Where the simple and common method of draping sari is quite easy, draping it in a more distinguished manner sometimes become difficult. For a instance, wearing a heavy designer or silk sari in a graceful and appealing way. Draping a sari is an art, while wearing it below navel is considered a complex art, which adds glamour and grace. On a side note, wearing a sari below navel need no introduction about the impact it creates on the opposite sex.

Draping a sari below navel is depends on the individual’s preference, as well the comfort of every woman. There are lots of women, who wish to tie the saris below navel. Unfortunately, the majority of women still hesitate in doing so. Further, a group of ladies love wearing low hip saris, while the other group of women never does it. Women, who are likely to dislike the low hip saris, do so because of the way they have been brought up, cultural fears and the family as well. In addition, there are a few women, who dislike the saris draped below the navel due to physical appearance. Moreover, in olden days, wearing navel style saris were considered a crime. Fortunately, the outlook of the world has changed a lot, where flaunting the navel is widely accepted.

Many women express their feeling that wearing the navel style sari is something unusual, despite there has been a recent development in the modern world. To their surprise, several greatest literatures in Tamil have depicted the grace and beauty of navel style sari. Further, “NATYA SHASTHRA” -one of the ancient manuscripts of India-describing the dance styles and appropriate costumes, also emphasized the navel style costume, where it is referred to as the source of creativity and life. In addition, one of the biggest literature in Tamil “SILAPPADHIKARAM”, the writer ILANGOVADIGAL have beautifully depicted the saris draped below navel, and how they complete the beauty of the women.

In addition to the above facts, there is a healthy reason hidden behind the saris draped below the navel. Most women are cautious about their physique, beauty, health and appearance. Saris draped below the navel undoubtedly enhance the beauty, and offer the visual treat. Therefore, women, who are trying to drape the sari below navel, are eventually conscious about the tummy and the hips, where the low waist attire exposes the belly and the hips. This makes women more conscious about the tummy, and facilitates them to maintain flat stomach by taking care about their health.

Tips for the women to get rid of shyness to wear the sari below the navel:

To drape the saris below the navel, you should be able to wear the skirt below the navel at your maximum comfort, as you need to tuck in the sari plates. Low hip saris can be appealing on tall women, and they could easily drape a sari below navel. Short women need not worry either, as they can wear the low waist sari for appealing appearance. They can wear low waist saris comfortably by reducing the body length of the blouse, and choosing short length blouse.

Women, who hesitate wearing a sari below navel, might consider wearing transparent saris. They can also try wearing thin saris, by draping them as a single layer on the shoulder, which makes the navel visible. Further, women, who are not comfortable with this style, should keep always in mind that the world is not all about them and the way they dress, as everyone is quite busy in their own dreams and thoughts.

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