Sari Blouse Add Sophistication and Style Your Saris!

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In ancient period, saris were worn by Indian women without a sari blouse. Wearing sari with a blouse was introduced a century ago. In spite of being the most attractive attire and making women beautiful, the beauty of this costume is completely influenced by the blouse.

A saree blouse has the ability to enhance the beauty of the women as well spoil the appearance, which is almost known to everyone. Eventually, to no surprise, women are more conscious about their blouses.

TIE-UP-STYLE-BLOUSE  by olga-lednichenko

Sari blouses are available in different style and patterns. Deciding the appropriate style is easy by the type of the sari and the woman’s physique. There is no sense in wearing the closed neck blouse for a designer or a transparent sari. Similarly, wearing a backless blouse for a silk sari is the real stupidity.

Types of blouses vary with the sleeve style, neck designs, cuts, patterns, and additional work. Lately, blouses with stylish cuts and varied neck patterns are the hot trend. Further, adding beads, stone work, embroidery work, etc in the hands and necks are also more popular. Following are the different types of blouses that are hot in the current fashion world.

Halter Neck halter-top-choli-designs

As halter dresses are considered the hot trend globally, Indian traditional wear is not an exception to the prevailing trend. Halter neck for a sari blouse has several variations. Women, who love this type of sari blouse, should thank the costume designers of Hollywood actresses, who have actually introduced the V shaped halter neck blouses with V shaped straps around the neck.

Blouse with stringed back

Women, who wish to have a glamorous and tempting look, can consider wearing the blouse with various string patterns on the back. The beauty and attraction of stringed blouse is great withtie-ups of the blouse with no zips and no buttons. Strings can be added in the blouse in several patterns such as side by side strings being tied on the middle of the back of the blouse or just a single or a couple of strings in the top of the blouse.

Off shoulders blouse

Spaghetti Style Blouse - BY OLGA-LEDNICHENKO

Off shoulder blouse enhances the beauty of the women largely,as it makes them more glamorous and appealing. The most popular design of this type of sari blouse is a boat neck off shoulder blouse. A single strap in the shoulder can complement the blouse. This type of blouse is ideal for transparent saris and designer saris.


Cuffs were more popular in women of 70’s and 80’s and since then they have gradually vanished. The blouse with cuffs is a great feature ofshort-sleeved blouses. Surprisingly, the old fashion has made a remarkable comeback a few months ago, which is now considered the most desired type of blouse. Cuffs with short sleeves are ideal for traditional silk saris. Cuffs are also prominent and popular style in outfits of French women.

Blouses with different sleeves

Various types of saris require different length of sleeves to make them more attractive. Several types of sleeves includefull sleeves blouse, three fourth sleeves, butterfly sleeves, short sleeves, mega sleeves and sleeveless blouse as well. Sleeveless blouses can have thin straps on the shoulders or a strap over the neck. Mega-sleeve blouses are represented by not more than 2 cm long sleeves. Three fourth sleeves offer a more decent and respectable look and is ideal for cotton saris.

Tips on selecting appropriate blouse style:

• Most of the saris are attached with blouse material and it is always good to stitch the blouse using the appropriate sari blouse cloth.

• For Silk saris, wearing blouse in the border colour makes women more attractive. It is also good to add straps, beads and stones in the neck or border around the neck.

• For plain saris, or saris with minimal design, wearing plain velvet or satin blouse in the contrast colour of the sari is the ideal choice. Similarly, butterfly sleeves with transparent fabric also suits well with plain saris.

• Modern style blouses with strings and straps suits well with designer saris and they are ideal choice for parties.

• Women, who have broader shoulders can consider deep neck blouse with straps, which boasts their beauty. Similarly, cuffs with shorts sleeves suit well with short and not so thin women.

Few other popular types of blouse include backless sari blouse, deep neck blouse, closed neck blouse, single- or double strap blouse, and spaghetti strap blouse.

Sari Blouse - Sophistication and Style to The Saris

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