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Sari curtain will be perfect ideas if you are looking for something unique and colorful for your interior. The are many colors and design for every occasion and mood your want to create! Finding the most exquisite sari fabric for your curtain will make all the difference to make your room look stunning and create a lasting impression. There are even different kinds of fabric that will affect and complement your interior, such as art silk, cotton, crepe, faux, georgette, and tissue.

Saree fabric is frequently woven in ways that are quite stunning, with vivid, often jewel-like colors, beautiful floral prints and more abstract patterns. The fabric has an elegant design on the border. With beautiful design rich in color and bottom, and the heavily decorated border will enhance the decor of any room by giving it a truly royal look. In this sense sari curtain has been gaining popularity lately.

We are quite passionate about this unique, elegant form of women's attire, and we have devoted ourselves to bringing the beauty of this traditional form of dress out from Southern Asia and into the rest of the world.

And because even undraped saree fabric is quite beautiful, we believe its uses can and should be expanded beyond the traditional.

If you already have many unused sarees “sari curtain” would one of the best options to re use your sari. Be creative and create your own design, style and color combination. Look for many design and picture in our website and get inspired!

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The common perception that a sari is solely a form of traditional, ethnic Indian women's attire is perfectly understandable, although saris are much more than that. In fact, many women are now discovering the true beauty of this type of clothing, and in both the Western world and in India, the sari has become a fine furnishings and décor. The fabric is being used as raw material for many products such as scarf, muffler, dress, skirt, hats, handbags, shopping bags and other handmade items. From Sari Curtain to Sari - A New Outlook for Modern Indian Women

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