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Finding the most exquisite sari fabric will make all the difference to make you look stunning and create a lasting impression. 

The sari is unique, because it can be used to hide or accentuate the woman's figure.  In addition, the sari allows women to dance freely, while maintaining their modesty. 

Eventually additional fabrics were used for more intricate designs, because the cotton saris were believed to be too plain.

Genuine Indian Saris

When it comes to looking for an Indian sari, you want to be able to rely on a trustworthy source. 

We are here to help you by being a reliable source that has been providing freelance sari sales, through networks in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Holland, the United States, and Japan for years. 

All of the saris we sell are guaranteed to be authentic and of high quality.

Western Women

Based on the years of experience in saris, we want to promote saris to the rest of the world, especially to western women and designers who are looking for some unique fabric to expand their creativity. 

Our goal with this site is to inform the world about the sari and its various uses aside from its traditional use by Indian women. 

Even Indian women have strayed slightly from the traditional meanings of the types of sari. 

This long lasting form of beautiful clothing has expanded as a popular form of dressing available in even more unique, intricate designs, colors, and fabrics.  We hope that the Western world can also help spread and appreciate this evolving fashion statement.

Fabulous Fabrics

Saris are available in many different types of fabrics, along with colors and unique designs.  No matter what your preferences and style may be, there is a sari meant for you that expresses your own individuality. 

Art Silk

Art silk saris, also known as poly silk saris, originated from Southern India.  Considered one of the most sensuous of fabrics, art silk saris allow a woman to carry an air of both modesty and beauty.  Silk saris generally have bold and intricate motifs that are popular amongst many different Indian women.  This graceful cloth is perfect for any occasion.

Cotton (Gadwal)

This original and traditional cloth is typically woven using the interlocked-weft technique and unbleached cotton.  The Gadwal cotton saris, originally created for royalty and nobility, have a colorful border and pallu. Cotton is a comfortable, breathable, traditional fabric choice.


Crepe saris were usually worn for Indian festivals and other formal functions, but can now be worn for any occasion.  These types of saris make a woman look and feel charming, seductive, or enchanting.


Faux saris are colorful and intricate saris ideal for wearing to parties.  These saris are very popular in urban areas, especially to women who enjoy flaunting their curves.  They are also commonly worn in North Indian weddings and other formal occasions.


This type of sari fabric is a sheer, lightweight, and dull-finished form of crepe.  Originally georgette was made from silk, rayon, and other blends.  Currently georgette is usually made from synthetic filament yarns.  Georgette saris allow for multifarious variations involving print, sequin, mirror work, path work, and gota.  Therefore, this fabric is extremely popular in Central India and particularly amongst fashion conscious women. 


Tissue sari fabric is a sheer, strong, crisp fabric that is quite popular, especially for parties, formal wear, and weddings.  Tissue saris incorporate many different embroidered motifs, stones, sequins, and small beads to add to the uniqueness of each sari.  For those who enjoy letting their individuality shine, they will surely find various tissue saris that will make them stand out.


Choosing sari fabric is not just for Indian women; any woman can wear a sari if she wants to.  There are so many different colors and designs available to choose from. 

There are even different kinds of sari fabric that will affect and complement your unique personality, such as art silk, cotton, crepe, faux, georgette, and tissue. 

From the color to the design to the fabric type, authentic Indian saris thoroughly express a woman's beauty, modesty, and individuality.

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