Being Creative With Sari Ribbon

Sari ribbon is the new yarn rage that is sweeping boutiques specializing in unusual jewelry made to create an impression and make the buyer come back for more with their friends. The ribbon is actually strips of silk that are hand sewn or hand tied to form a ribbon that is approximately 10-20 mm wide. A 100 g ball can be around 130 feet (39 m) in length. These strips are collected as wastage, in the sari manufacturing process and are sourced from India. There are ribbons made from cotton, nylon, and rayon, but silk rules the roost with its vibrant colors and texture. The ribbon appears to be perfect for the rug hooking, book binding, embellishing, quilting, crochet and even freeform knitting.

But the inroads made by the sari ribbon into the jewelry market, is making news. The metallic threads (zari) in the silk give it a luster as well as the texture to hold together as a jewelry piece. By just using a 20 mm crochet hook and the chain stitch, a loopy necklace can be created. The colorful ribbon necklace can do justice to any outfit, and can even be worn as a necklace scarf, keeping you warm against chilly winds. Add a favorite pendant or intersperse the necklace with small copper rings and you have a unique piece of jewelry. String beads at intervals add another dimension to the necklace. Lengthen or shorten the necklace depending on the dress you are wearing. Have the same pattern repeated as an arm band or bracelet and you will be wearing a matched set of jewelry.

Some designers have experimented by creating rings out of sari ribbon. Using a metal layered rose flower, the ribbon is wrapped between the metal layers, giving the ring a one of its kind look. The rich tone of the silk ribbon can complement the clothes you are wearing or even contrast with the color of your dress. Gift the ring to a friend and start a sisterhood promoting this unusual piece of jewelry. Support the cause of women’s cooperatives in India, who are working on up-cycling these bits of waste silk into yarn of this kind.

Try giving your existing jewelry a new twist by using sari ribbon to cover the frame, especially metal or plastic bangles that have lost their luster. Tufts of this fabric on your wrist can be a signature statement, and can look great when you exuberantly wave your arms about. Dress up a belt by using this ribbon in an imaginative way to provide a burst of color to an otherwise drab outfit. The ribbon could either be threaded through the belt or circled around the belt. It sure can be a conversation opener when communications are a bit strained at parties.

Balls of sari ribbon are available to buy online. There are a number of blog posts offering suggestions and advice on how to use this ribbon in innovative ways as jewelry. The rough edges giving the ribbon its raggedy look appears to have sparked off a lot of ideas, and going by the number of sites with sold out stocks, it looks as if its popularity is only increasing.

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