Enhance your bedroom décor with a sari bedspread

Sari bedspread is a perfect enhancement for the bedroom interior. Trends are inspired by individuals who creatively display their tastes and in today’s world, you can be as bold and innovative as you like and you will know you have started a new trend when many others ape your ideas and styles. India décor has always been inspired by bold, brilliant hues and you can have fun mixing and matching these colors, adding embellishments, or just purchasing an exquisite sari beds-spread and highlighting your bedroom décor with the selection.

Saree bedspread – Playing with colors

Sari bedspreads are made using sari width and length fabric. They can be handcrafted to look antique with bead-work or with handmade patchwork. If you are planning to make your own at home, you should carefully consider the design and print and ensure that you cut the sari, to ensure continuity of the print. Manufacturers are displaying gorgeous gem-colored hues and lively colors on the internet and you will not have a hard time selecting one that will suit the décor in your bedroom. Play around with colors and make sure you highlight one or two objects in your room when making your selection of the sari bed cover.

Bedspread has no limits on variety

Sari bed-spreads are available in single, twin, double, queen and king size to suit every size. Look for matching ensembles that will spice up the room. You can opt for traditional designs,, with motifs and borders or use those that have embellishments such as beads and stones. Patchwork sari bed spreads look good as well. Since there is a wide option of styles, colors, prints and designs available, you can leisurely plan the décor of your bedroom and have a great time exploring the various possibilities of making your bedroom come alive.

Gorgeous saree bedspread

Many of the manufacturers from Jaipur and other places up North supply hand embroidered tribal patchwork sari bedspreads. They may also come in Gold Block prints or kantha work. Silk sari beds-spread with embroidery, bead work or mirror with sequin work are the rage today both in India and abroad. Chikan work is also used to make these bedspreads. Tapestry bedcovers with matching cushions and throws are available in various colors and styles.

Sari bed spread – An amazing décor

A sari bed spread is light and excellent as bedcovers. You can gift one to a friend or close family member. They make excellent wedding gifts and you can order them online if you do not wish to shop from store to store. Make your selection and have the pleasure of having the items delivered to your door.

Shopping for bedspread

Look for inspiration online as you browse through several stores that have a great selection of sari bedspreads. These types of bedspreads come in attractive colors, have a light backing and are ideal for spicing up your bedroom. The walls of your room can be soft shades, or you can opt to go in for a dark color, with texture on one wall. Enliven the décor with that saree bedspread, matching pillows and cushions. Soft lighting will add to the mystical effect and you will love coming back to your home and enjoying spending more time in your bedroom.

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