Enhance the sari design with perfect blend of colors

The sari design on the five and a half meters of cloth is what catches the eye. These designs can be printed onto the cloth in a range of patterns by using blocks dipped in dyes. Alternatively the printing is done by a machine in a mill. There is a wide variety of yarn that is woven in handlooms or power looms to make a saree. Right from crisp cottons to sensuous silks, sarees come in materials that drape well.

The saree needs a petticoat tied at the waist which ends around the ankles. A short blouse or close fitting ‘choli’ is worn, which ends just above the waist. You can see that the midriff remains bare. One end of the saree is tucked at the waist into the petticoat and then wrapped around the body with the other end of the saree hanging over the shoulder. At the second wrap a few pleats are added on to make it easy to move while wearing the saree.

Let the saree design define your personality

In India, the saree is worn at home as well as for formal occasions. Since the saree design can be well adapted to all kinds of fabric, it is the price that determines the quality of the saree. There are grades of silk that retail at different prices. The price goes up depending on the kind of work that is done on it. It could be embroidery, woven gold thread work, or even bling.

Sarees come in vibrant hues to match moods, occasions and personalities. Those with a zest for life and fun can wear a saree that has a background of yellow, or red, with a flowery print or bold geometrics. A saree worn to the office can be in semi formal silk or synthetic blends in sober colors, with designs that are tasteful. Lighter colors complement the day and darker shades can be used in the evenings.

The sari design can be enhanced through the use of colors. Pastels can be contrasted with deeper colored borders. A saree is considered striking when the border of the saree has an interesting design in colors that catch the eye. The way one wears the saree speaks volumes about the personality of the person. A chiffon or georgette is considered clingy, and is semi transparent, and women wearing this material tend to show off their curves.

Accessorize according to the saree design

A sari design can be accentuated by wearing the right accessories. Bold prints on the saree can be toned down by wearing a simple chain around the neck and plain gold or glass bangles. If the design is formal with gold thread work on the border, go for heavier gold jewelry, studded with small semi precious stones.

Stores selling sarees online also offer suggestions on how to accessorize the garment. There are bags and clutch purses available in complementary colors. Images of models wearing the saree will give you an idea of how it is draped. So choose the sari design, wear the saree and get ready for the compliments!

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