Saris – The Beautiful Universal Attire lures Bollywood to Hollywood

Gone are the days where saris were considered the traditional attire of Indian women and confined to specific regions of Indian states and subcontinents. Sarees have gained international recognition and every woman, across the globe love to wear sarees to enrich their appearance. It has made a noteworthy impact even in the trendy ramps and international fashion parades. In any ramp walk, a woman draped herself in the six yard gorgeous apparel attracts the attention of the viewers over other models and she gets high appreciation and recognition. 

From tube tops, micro mini gowns, skimpy skirts, to skinny tank tops and crop tops, from sexy bikinis, lingeries to lusty evening gowns, from luxuriant bridal gowns to club wear tops and pleated skirts, there is a wide variety of sexy and appealing apparels worn by western women. All the said mentioned apparels are known for making the western women sexier. Yet, when it comes to ultimate sensuous quotient blended with an appealing appearance nothing can beat the sarees. Beauty of every woman irrespective of nationality, region and country born, this exclusive apparel makes them look at their best. 

aishwarya rai in sari

Beauty queen and a former Miss World Aishwarya Rai has great role in popularizing the traditional Indian attire to the western world. On her interview with Oprah Winfrey, she demonstrated how to drape a saree to Oprah. The show was a huge hit across the globe and almost every celebrity got inspired and adored the attire much. Further, bollywood actresses also have a considerable share in promoting the saris in international events by adorning themselves with sarees. 

victoria beckham in saree

Fashion designers of India needs a special mention who have created a storm in the international ramps and fashion world by introducing magnificent, luscious and gorgeous sarees to the rest of the world. Hollywood and bollywood celebrities have made their unforgettable presence in a few fashion parades draped in some beautiful, luxuriant and lavishing sarees boasting their maximum poise, charm and beauty. Not only the Indian women look best in their traditional apparel, yet, Hollywood celebrities look much prettier and attractive in sari than any other apparel. 

No one can ever deny the said mentioned fact and even the world renowned fashion designers swear on it. A lot more fashion models and celebrities are interested to adorn themselves with gorgeous sarees embedded with pearls and precious stones and rich embroidery work. 

Elizabeth Hurley in saree

The saree bugs have bitten a number of celebrities and undoubtedly, sarees have mesmerized the western world and there are a few Hollywood celebrities surprised and stunned others by draping the most beautiful attire of the world. 

Elizabeth Hurley is known the first western women to spring up the term called “Saree” in the Hollywood. She has been spotted at several occasions in sari. Lately, she made her unforgettable presence in the breast cancer awareness program. She looked much much prettier and found to be romantic in a pink sari. The rustic sport personalities, Williams’ sisters are known for their trendy glam sports apparels beyond their popularity as Shining Stars in the tennis world. They have hit the ramp by adorning themselves with gorgeous silk sarees recently. Lately, the Baywatch babe, Pamela have joined the brigade of saree lovers and appeared in a white chiffon saree and have obtained great compliments. Irene Skliva, the former Miss World, won the title in the year 1996 made her graceful presence in a beautiful saree that suited her perfectly. Further, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and a few other Hollywood beauties have carried themselves beautifully with greater charm and graceful look by wearing the saree. 

Baywatch babe, Pamela in saree

Cameron Diaz posed for an exclusive photo shoot with appealing saree looked and offered a stunning appearance in an elegant and romantic black sari with rich embroidery and golden zari work. Alternatively, Anna boasted the appearance of a girl next door in a simple cotton sari. 

Saris are no more the traditional apparels for an Indian woman only. You may be an American, French, Canadian, Australian, and Russian or a woman from any part of the world, if you wish to throw yourself with greater attraction in any glitzy party or event, just drape yourself with the magical six yard attire. Either you are planning for a hip party or informal do, sarees make the perfect choice of attire offering sexier, sensuous, and embellished look.

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Saris – The Beautiful Universal Attire

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