Sexy Sarees are not Awkward and Vulgar!

How many of us can carry off sexy sarees and look sensationally hot at the same time? The demure look that has been the norm for the traditional five and a half yard ensemble is now changing gradually, as the styles designed today range from conventional, to modern and chic. Women, around the globe, are captivated by the new styles that are in vogue. Fashion designers are vying with each other, to turn the modest saree into scintillating creations, from dazzling to sizzling, and our Indian women have even walked the red carpet, wearing these amazing creations and have set many a heart afire.

The women of today are conscious of their figures and some go to extreme steps to ensure that they maintain their hour-glass figures. The actresses are no longer plump and bubbly. Though they wear sexy, tempting and revealing clothes they are able to add oomph, without looking awkward and vulgar, which is very appealing to the masses. Sarees are worn with noodle-strapped blouses, backless blouses, halter-necks and bikini tops. It is worn sensually low, displaying a midsection that is firm, taut and well-toned. It is not unusual for the modern Indian women to wear tattoos, and pierce their navels, to draw attention to their svelte figures.

Yet, not every woman can carry off sexy sarees with panache. The modern woman is highly conscious about fashion, current trends in the fashion industry and loves to dress attractively. They have no qualms of being the center of attraction and love being the cynosure of all eyes when they walk into a room. It is not enough to just wear a fashionable trend with accessories. If it is not accompanied with an elegant walk and an air of confidence, the purpose is defeated. Women attend finishing schools, to develop this air about them and learn to carry off sexy sarees, with aplomb.

Sexy sarees are available in various materials, though many women prefer to wear light sarees that are revealing, even as they sensuously drape the body. Most of the sarees have elegant work embroidered or sequined on them. It is not uncommon to find sarees with Swarovski crystals, zardosi work, or other types of glitter and shimmer that adds glitz and glamour. The aim of wearing such sarees, apart from walking tall, is to enjoy looking and feeling desirable. Women, who wish to show off their figures, may wear revealing or backless blouses, which make men stop dead in their tracks! These sarees can be worn in the traditional style, or draped on the body by designers, as off shoulder creations that resemble gowns with the pallu casually draped across the arm.

There is something mystical and seductive about draping five to six yards on the body and enhancing the overall effect with a blouse that is stitched from the same material, or a striking combination, to set off the ensemble flamboyantly. A good rule of thumb, is to understand that “less is more,” when you are accentuating your outfit with jewelry.

Wear sexy sarees with accessories that flatter and enjoy the adulation, but learn to hold your own, when you are looking your sexiest in the saree.

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