Know About the Different Types of Popular Silk Saree.

Saree is the traditional wear of India. Indian Sarees, in particular silk saree have global popularity and recognition, which is attributed with the quality, design, sheer and appealing appearance. Moreover, the credit should also be given to the silk sari weavers in India, who have contributed greatly towards producing a range of silk saris. Each region is unique in producing different types of silk sari. Following are the major and popular type of silk saris.

Kanchipuram silk saree

Kanchipuram is a small district / town located in the south India in the State of Tamil Nadu. Among all assortment of silk sarees produced in India, Kanchipuram silk has immense popularity and high advantage over others. They are renowned for the purity of silk, quality, durability, design, color pattern and elegance. These sarees are the traditional wedding attire. Colorful silk threads are weaved into the saree with zari work at the borders and pallu. Sometimes, the zari works are weaved into the entire body of the saree, making it appealing. It generally takes around two to four weeks to weave a saree. The body of the saree is weaved separately from the border with zari and pallu, and both are attached later. The glamour and elegance of the saree lies in the color patterns and shades. Zari borders and pallu with attractive designs make the sarees more beautiful.

In a traditional Kanchi silk sari, you can find the borders embedded with typical and famous designs like temple designs, designs of cluster of flowers, checks, stripes, floral designs, mango designs, etc. Today silk saris are affordable for all, where the cost of silk sari range from minimum of INR 1,500/- to several lacs.

Mysore Silk Saree Sari shopping

Mysore silk is yet another famous type of silk saree in India. Mysore is the city located in the State of Karnataka. Mysore silk is the trademark of the silk saris manufactured by Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation. Unlike Kanchi silk saris, this is lightweight. These sarees are characterized by bright and heavy borders in unique, bright and contrast color combinations. Body color will be fully contrasting to the color of border and pallu. Mostly, these sarees have plain body with no designs, impressive designer borders, and pallu. Some of the vibrant and contrast color combinations of Mysore silk saris include pink and green, red and blue, red and yellow, grey and green, orange and violet, white and red, sandal and red, green and violet, blue and green. Lately, beauty of these sarees has been enhanced with embroidery work.

Banaras Silk Saree

Banaras silk saris appear similar to Kanchi silk saris in design and rich look. Banaras silk sari is named after Varanasi, which is the hometown of these sarees. Since their manufacturers are based in Varanasi, the designs are inspired from Mughal Empire. Fine silk is used for weaving Banaras silk saris, and they are decorated with deep and intricate designs. Most of these sarees are relatively heavier than other types, due to the engravings in them. Heavy zari work in gold and silver, metallic effects, netlike border patterns - also called Jal-, small figures and pictures with clear view are the distinctive and appealing features of Banaras silk saris.

Paithani Silk Saree

Paithani refers to a small town in Aurangabad located in the State of Maharashtra. The town is reasonably famous for hand woven sarees. These sarees are characterized by slanted square designs in the borders and peacock designs in pallu. They are popular for the kaleidoscope designs, which are embedded in the sarees through weaving one color of the saree lengthwise and the other color width wise. These sarees are weaved using three types of silk namely Charka, Ciddle and China silk, with China silk being rather expensive. The borders are weaved with metallic yarn, which makes the Banaras Silk Sarees exclusive from others.

In addition to above, other Silk Saris types include cotton silk, venkatagiri silk, patola sarees, arani silk, dharmavaram silk, valkalam silk, kora silk and tussar silk.

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