Silk Sari - Tips and Ideas to Preserve Your Silk Sari.

Not many people are aware of the fact that silk is considered the god of fabrics. Silk sari adds elegance and beauty to the appearance of women who wear it. It is the ideal choice of outfit for all occasions; both formal and casual. It gives immense pleasure along with perfection in overall appearance.

Silk Sarees are one of the most desired and precious attire found in women’s wardrobe. Despite these facts, cleaning, storing and maintaining silk sarees is quite difficult. Even though all women love this appealing attire, most of them are not aware of the proper maintenance method of silk sarees.

Following are the unknown facts about silk sarees. All kinds of silk saris are washable, and they can be hand washed. A great feature of a silk is that it doesn’t shrink like other fabrics. It is important to know: some people believe that it is quite expensive to remove stains from the sari, which is untrue. Oil, grease and other stains can be removed just by using dry clean solution and shampoo. Shampoo cleans the sari fine, and revitalizes it as well. However, try to choose dry cleaning as it is a safer alternative. Even though silk sarees can be hand washed, it is better to go for a dry cleaning.

Weaving silk sarees is considered an artwork, which is applicable to wrapping it. Wrapping a sari requires detailed attention. Improper wrapping of a silk sari leads towards color fades in the folding and linings.

Stains in silk sarees should be removed at the earliest possible, because the sheen and the color might be damaged. Moreover, it is quite difficult to remove concentrated beverage and food stains from the sari, when left unresolved for a long time.

Generally speaking: stains can be of several types: namely protein stains, combination stains, nail polish, lipstick stains, and oil- or grease stains. Each type of stain needs to be treated applying different cleaning procedure.

Removal of protein stains, which includes egg, blood, deodorant, is possible by applying mild detergents on the stained area and soaking it in cool water. Hydrogen peroxide drops are good in removal of this type of stain. Food gravy, food stains and concentrated beverages stains are also called combination stains, and the damaged sari should be applied with a dry clean solvent. Further, the damaged part of the sari needs washing and rinsing with hot water. Nail polish stains will disappear by applying and rubbing with acetone. Stains of lipstick will easily come out by applying dry cleaning solvent or fluids and washing it with water. Stains by oil and grease are possible to remove by applying the talc immediately. After brushing the talc, the stains will vanish by applying a stain remover and washing it off with the hot water.

Do’s and Don’ts to take care of your silk sari.

• Don’t wash the stains with water.

• Do not keep the sari for a long time in water.

• Scrubbing the stains obviously damages the sari and ruins the fabric.

• Ensure to dry the saris as quick as possible.

• As soon as you washed the sari, dry them immediately.

• Always use mild and quality detergents, because using chemicals damages the silk and leads towards discolouration.

• Make sure to wash the body of the sari, pallu and border separately.

• Don’t dry the sari under the hot sun or direct sun light and dry the saris under shadow.

• Iron the saris only with medium heat.

• Handle saris gently.

• Don’t ever try to wash the silk saree using machines or together with other clothes.

Following are the tips on storage of silk sari.

• Being a natural fibre, silk requires breathing and ensures to wrap the silk sarees with a pure cotton cloth.

• As stated earlier, folding and wrapping the Silk Sarees is an art. Ensure that you do not follow same pattern of folding the silk saris, where the repeatedly folded area are likely to get faded. Further, keep it free from wrinkle.

• Do not store silk sarees combined with others, just like storing other costumes in clusters.

• Even if you do not wear the silk saree often, remove it from the wrapper, change the fold and store it.

Silk saris last for decades without losing the freshness, when maintained with proper care.

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