Silk Saris - Glory and Beauty of Indian Saree

Saris, in particular silk saris always have a special place in the heart of Indian women, as well in their wardrobe. Silk saree has been the traditional and also regular attire of Indian women for 1000 years. Irrespective of the culture, religion, caste, language, etc it is loved by women of India. Many Indian literatures have depicted these saris as a source of beauty and the style.

Different States in India are prominent for different types of fabric silk. The plethora of silk fabric saris include Kanchipuram silk, Banaras silk, Kasi silk, Garhwal silk, Samu silk, paper silk, Mysore silk, and much more. To give an example, Kanchipuram, a small district in Tamil Nadu in South India has world popularity for Kanchipuram silk sarees, which is also renowned as Kanji Silk. These are the perfect choice of outfit to wear for all occasions. Further, these saris are the indispensible part of marriages in India.

Even though wearing silk saris has been limited only for occasions and festivals, women are still crazy about them. Moreover, the outlook of wearing these saris has been changed largely, where it has entered and made a remarkable fame in the world of fashion and have gained a significant place in today’s fashion market. Further, different types of silk sarees are manufactured to suit different occasions. Either it is a wedding reception, traditional celebration, birthday party, or a corporate event; different types of saris are available to match perfectly with each occasion.

India is one of the major exporters of silk garments and saris, and it holds a genuine reputation and fame across the globe. In addition, China is also supposed a chief exporter of silk. The highlight and beauty of these saris lies in the attractive and amazing color combinations and patterns. Eventually, it is quite impossible for any country to beat the different types and varieties of silk sarees offered in a range of incredible colors and patterns.

Silk fabric saris are truly the outcome of the series of dedicated efforts and sincere work of the weavers. Silk Sarees weaving is an exclusive form of intricate art. Silk is reared from silk worms and then it is weaved into saris. The weavers undertake the strenuous process of converting the silk shreds into beautiful and gorgeous silk fabric saris.

A considerable part of population in south India is involved in creating silk garments and the silk weaving industry. There are many remote areas and villages in the Southern part of India, where rearing the silk worm as well weaving these saris are the main occupation of the people. Further, in some of the villages, silk weaving is the only profitable occupation of the villagers, to support their family. These people have been engaged in rearing silk worms and weaving it for generations.

When it comes to saris made of pure silk, they are quite expensive. In order to make them affordable for all classes of people, weavers generally mix the purest form of silk shreds reared from silk worm with other fabric like synthetic yarns.

The fame of Indian silk is highly attributed to the durability, elegance, greatest quality of silk fabric, luscious shades, and creative design in borders and pallus of the saris. These aspects make this exclusive attire stand out from others.

Silk saris are regularly enriched and accentuated with remarkable additions by each generation. The beauty of the saris can be emphasized by adding beads, embroidery, mirror works, zardois borders, etc. A plain or simple silk sari with minimum design can be transformed into a gorgeous designer sari by adding appropriate decorative items. Even diamonds and precious stones can be added to the elegance of a silk sari, which is designed and weaved for customers’ specific request. Despite these facts, a simple silk saree with a single border is the most appealing on women, while the entire credit goes to the finest and minute craftsmanship of weavers.

Silk saris are a pride for many women, and act as a status symbol. Women look at their best in a silk sari. It is commonly prevailing among men that no one can satisfy a woman’s immense and everlasting desire on them. Above all, each piece of Indian silk Saris is the magical dream of weavers who transform their dreams into reality through intricate art work.

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