How to Tie a Saree elegantly

How to tie a saree elegantly? A million dollar question. A saree that is draped well can make a woman look not only elegant and charming but also sexy. Indian women carry it off well because of their graceful movements. Depending on the culture and the state, Indian women wear sarees differently. The most common form of sari draping is the “Nivi” style.

Basics of how to tie a saree

One of the most important points to remember, when considering how to tie a sari, is to ensure that you wear a long petticoat that starts from the waist and reaches down to your ankles. One end of the saree is tucked into the petticoat. The side that has a border or pallu should be worn over the shoulder, so make sure you tuck in the plain side of the saree.

Turn the saree around the waist to your right side. You need to form pleats with the saree depending on the style that you wish to wear. The pleats may be large or small depending on how many you wish to display. Hold them up and ensure they are even and neat before you tuck them into your petticoat, turning them to the left side before tucking.

Tie a saree without discomfort

Twirl the rest of the saree in a complete round and drape the pallu from your shoulder. You can pin it in place to your blouse or you can let it hang loose over your arm elegantly. Try to watch a video, which demonstrates the art online, as there are many websites that will help you learn how to wear a saree correctly. You should make sure that the saree fits well and you are able to walk freely. Indian women take small measured steps with graceful strides, which will enhance the overall look and make you look appealing and desirable. Make sure you wear a well fitting matching blouse that normally comes with the saree.

Different styles to tie a sari

The style of dressing a saree can range from the Guajarati style, where the pallu is brought down from over the shoulder, from the back and tucked in front. The Coorgi ladies also wear their sarees differently and pin the pallu that is brought over the shoulder. The saree is first twirled around their chest and then pinned in from the back to the saree near the blouse. Designers help you drape the Indian saree differently according to styles selected by them.

Difficult to learn how to tie a saree? Go for readymade saris.

Nowadays, sarees are available with ready pleats that can be worn similar to wearing a long skirt and the pallu is draped over the shoulder to resemble the saree. You can find these different styles online in various websites and learn how to tie a sari correctly. Depending on the way the saree is worn, you can draw attention to look drop dead gorgeous or look completely modest and elegant in a subtle way. Some women look sensual while others look graceful and demure. There are many ways of tying the saree and you can wear the one that suits you the best. Try out various styles and wear the one that makes you happy.

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