Excusive Range of Wedding Saree for a Great Occasion

Among the range of outfits, saris, in particular wedding saree in India are always unique, and have a special and important place in Indian celebrations. The Indian way of attire has always been considered a great symbol of magnificence and splendor across the world, because of its versatility and range of fabrics. They are the most traditional apparel of India. Being a large, densely populated, versatile and multi-lingual country, it boasts different cultures and traditions in different aspects; wedding not excluded. A wedding is one of the most significant occasions in life. Weddings are celebrated like a grand festival in India, where costumes will have a large significance in the occasion, in particular the bridal costume, which is nothing but the wedding saris. Sarees are the typical and preferred wedding outfit.

Wedding saree can be categorized based on different aspects; such as region, tradition, language and caste. Initially, the broader classification is based on the region, which includes the South India, North India, Eastern India and Western India. Irrespective of the classification, most brides prefer a silk saree and South India has been offering gorgeous silk sarees. In addition, the major classification can be sub divided based on the States or languages, sub caste and traditions. For instance, more than 90% people in Kerala, one of the States in South India, prefer wedding saree in sandal, cream or white silk; designed with golden border and golden pallu. Similarly, when we consider the weddings of a particular caste, people like Brahmin brides always prefer maroon or red silk saree with grand and vibrant borders and pallu in gold.

Indian wedding saree add grace to the brides’ appearance, make an appealing look and are an enchanting outfit. Since they add grace and beauty to the brides’ look, Indian women always love to wear it.

As stated earlier, silk saree considered the ideal choice among different assortment of fabrics. Kanchipuram Silk sarees are highly preferred by most of the brides in India, where fame and craze is attributed to the attractive and striking colours, colourful patterns, appealing designs and impeccable finish. North Indian brides are likely to add zardosi work, mirror work and artificial stones to the silk sarees, to enhance the elegance and appearance. Besides, kanchipuram silk sarees, Benaras silk, Arani silk, kasi silk, etc are also preferred by brides.

Most of the North Indian wedding saree have a stunning bright color. Bright colored sarees tend to offer the sense of joy and pleasure. Generally, the colors preferred by them are red, dark blue, green, orange, purple, magenta and pink. North Indian brides also favor the synthetic and designer sarees with complete range of zardosi work, beads, mirrors, stones, etc.

When we examine the colors of wedding sarees, more than 60% of brides and their family prefer red color saree. Bengal brides, Andhra Pradesh brides, Brahmin brides, etc. wear red for their wedding, which represents fertility and marital bliss. Next to red, yellow is preferred by certain group of brides, which symbolizes prosperity. Brides belonging to Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, specific castes in Tamil Nadu and Andhra prefer yellow sarees. Brides of Assam, Kerala and certain group of Karnataka choose white or cream saree. These sarees generally have a zari border and zaripallu in golden colour.

However, lately many brides started to go with the color of the sarees that suits them well. It includes silver, onion pink, dark violet, lavender, chocolate, brown, baby blue, etc. Moreover, contemporary wedding saree is the current trend, developing rapidly among brides in India. Red is no more a must wear as a traditional outfit of wedding.

Popularity of the contemporary wedding saris is solely attributed with the double shaded sarees, unique color combinations and shades, where the brides prefer mix and match of colors. Mostly preferred double shaded and mix and match sarees include bottle green and blue, peacock blue and sky blue, red and pink, green and pink, orange and brown, cream and chocolate, etc.

Further, these sarees are likely to be exceptional, due to fancy patterns such as patchwork, thread work, kundan work, mirror work, etc. Irrespective of the types, color patterns, shades, designs, etc., of wedding sarees are always unique.

Excusive Range of Wedding Saree for a Great Occasion

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