Consider Wearing an Exquisite Wedding Sari

Looking for a wedding sari? It's only natural to want to look your best on that very special day.  Every woman does. 

After all, if her wedding day isn't the biggest event in a woman's life, it certainly has to come close.  Many women spend dozens of hours searching for exactly the right dress to wear for their wedding. 

Certain types of wedding dresses are traditional in the Western world.  But why not dare to be a little different on your Big Day? 

If you'd like to wear a wedding dress that gives you a unique style and elegance, consider wearing a specially designed sari. 

Wedding Sari

A beautifully draped, finely woven sari, worn with the right sari blouse, is not only highly flattering but just different enough from traditional wedding gowns to make your wedding stand out from all the rest. 

Every bride is beautiful on her day, but an exquisite wedding sari can help every woman look her absolute best.

Consult Us

We have many years of experience with this beautiful form of Indian women's attire. We're here to help you benefit from all those years of experience and our contacts within the sari industry.

Our mission is three-fold: 

  • To help women learn about saris and how they can be worn for different purposes and events;

  • To expand their use outside India, Pakistan and the other Asian countries in which they are traditionally worn by encouraging women in the Western world to wear them;

  • To promote the use of beautiful, finely-woven sari fabric as a textile material for making other unique clothing and accessories.  Undraped sari fabric is truly exquisite, and it can serve many purposes.

A Sari for Every Occasion

Interchangeably spelled "saree" and "sari," these beautiful, traditional Indian garments can be worn for casual events.  But, their flowing lines and fine fabrics also make them perfect for more formal occasions, including weddings where brides want to make a fashion statement and show their individuality. 

You might be intrigued by the possibility of wearing a sari on your wedding, but you might not know how to go about selecting one - or even what your options are.  That's one of the main reasons we're here - to share what we've learned during our years of experience with saris. 

We have an abundance of helpful information to share with you about sarees, and we can give you guidance on what's available, help you choose colors, fabrics, patterns and so on, and teach you how they can be artfully draped to flatter your body. 

On our web site, you'll also find interesting information about the history of sarees and their traditional uses as ethnic women's attire on the Indian subcontinent and elsewhere in South and Southeast Asia. 

And, we'll share our thoughts on why sarees have become so appealing to today's Western women and girls.

We also want you to know you can come to us if you have any questions about saris, whether you're interested in a sari for your wedding ceremony or a sari for some other occasion. 

Our web site is interactive and includes a FAQ page where you'll find the answers to a number of frequently asked questions about sarees.  And, on top of the information you'll find on our FAQ page and elsewhere on our web site, we want you to feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments about sarees.  We'll do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible. 

And last but not least, we'll also show you several stores where you can purchase a stunning wedding sari as well as saris to wear for a variety of events and occasions.

We are passionate about saris because we know they are a uniquely elegant form of women's attire which can release the inner beauty within any woman or girl.  That's why we have devoted ourselves to bringing the incomparable beauty of this traditional form of Indian dress to the women and girls of the Western world.

Please consider wearing an exquisite, elegantly draped, finely-woven wedding sari on your Big Day. 

Whether you prefer a sari made of silk, satin or some other type of sari fabric, whether you want a solid color or a sari fabric that features a beautiful pattern, and whether you want your wedding sari to be exquisite brocade or embellished with beads, sequins or fine embroidery, the perfect one is waiting. 

We have the knowledge and experience to help you find it.

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