A Titillating Wet Saree!!

A wet saree has been the ultimate epitome of sensuousness for our Hindi film makers. The saree has long since been used to present our actresses glamorously- and for this they have tried chiffon sarees, kanjeevarams, Bengali sarees, embroidered sarees, heavily sequined sarees, sarees with itsy-bitsy blouses and, of course, a wet saree!

A saree has always epitomized sensuality and added to the charisma of the wearer. An ordinary looking woman undergoes a complete metamorphosis on wearing it (if she chooses the right saree for her figure, height and complexion) and drapes it elegantly. This very fact has been fully exploited by Bollywood masala-film makers.

wet sari

There are numerous Hindi films where the heroine had to get drenched due to a sudden downpour- but the directors have always made sure that it rained suddenly only when our leading lady was wearing a sheer, chiffon saree that could cling to her body when wet and reveal her contours, having an aphrodisiacal effect on the men in the audience. For added effect, there could be a sensuous dance in the rain with the hero pulling her pallu and caressing her wet tresses. A Hindi potboiler would be incomplete without the men getting to see a sizzling well-proportioned (read buxom!!) beauty in a wet saree. If a rain sequence does not fit into the frame of the movie, the heroine will have to make her way through a jungle where she will decide to bathe under a waterfall or a stream while the saree is sticking to her skin and revealing more than it is concealing, while the men all drool.

Mandakini used the wet saree to dare and bare all in her maiden hit Ram teri ganga maili when she calls out to the hero while scrubbing herself under the cascading waters. This had the audience queued up in hordes to catch a glimpse of this milky white beauty in her bare minimums! A heroine who is willing to reveal does not always have to dress up like a tart to look sexy, for this might not go well with our audiences. Though always looking forward to some skin-show, the viewers have always preferred the leading lady to dress up conservatively and demurely. There have been numerous instances of our style goddesses dancing in chiffons on snow-clad mountains, while the hero is allowed the luxury of covering himself with woolens. And, needless to say, the formula has always worked well over the ages. Infact, it still sells. Over the recent years, Karisma Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Kajol, Kareena and Madhuri have been seen romping on Swiss mountains in flimsy sarees.

As they say, nothing sells like sex. And what could be a better way of redefining Indian femininity and grandeur than to use a century’s old piece of garment as a ploy. Seen by many as an instrument to flaunt their perfect hourglass figures, Bollywood sarees have always had a major role in influencing the fashion of the season. And since the Indian designers have been innovative and creative, they have managed to infuse new life into this hitherto traditional and conservative garb. No longer does the leading lady have to drape a wet saree for the desired effect- she can be made to look sensuous by accessorizing the saree with a tiny corset or noodle-strapped blouses. Infact, even embroidered bikini-tops are being used to add panache to the heroine’s style quotient. The sarees are crafted out of sheer fabric and leave nothing to imagination, baring the midriff, in addition to the midsection and back. While the fashionistas bask in adulation, the men ogle!

Navel flaunting (and watching!) seems to be the hottest thing to do, with sarees being tied almost just above the pubic region. But as long as a saree can make a woman look sizzling and sexy, who cares? The girls who still think that saree makes them look matronly and avoid wearing them are missing out a whole lot of fun- and no, the saree does not always have to be wet to turn on the heat on men and make them look ethereal!!

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