Women in saris exude Grace, Elegance and Allure

Women in saris attract attention wherever they go. No one can believe that the wide expanse of five and a half meters of material can look so graceful when worn. Women of all shapes and sizes can carry off the saree, without it making them look their shape or size. For example a thin woman can wear a heavy silk and it would make her look more filled out. A woman who does not want to show her post pregnancy belly folds can wear a cotton saree. Yet an overweight woman can look slimmer by wearing a light chiffon saree. Though this kind of saree is transparent to a certain extent, the saree can be folded twice over the belly to hide ungainly flesh. The way a saree is draped can make all the difference to the overall image. If the folds are neatly pinned the person wearing the saree looks elegant and chic.

In India a lot of women are comfortable wearing the saree at home and find it easy to maintain. Some women even tie the keys of the house and cupboards to the end of the saree so that it is easily accessible and won’t be misused by the help working in the house.

Unravel the mystery of women in saris

Women in saris look charming as the colors and designs of the sarees bring out the personality of the person wearing it. The accessories like bangles, armlets, anklets and toe rings fascinate people who do not know the significance of each piece of jewelry.

In India, the saree gives an indication sometimes of the social status of women and identifies the region they come from. Fisherwomen wear sarees that are almost eight meters in length and drape it differently. They tuck in the ‘pallu’ or the broad end in between the legs giving the saree a divided skirts look. Women who labor in the fields and on construction sites wear a blouson that can be tucked into the petticoat.

Gujerati women wear the ‘pallu’ in front rather than at the back. Women in south India used to wear their sarees differently but now most women wear the ‘pallu’ over the shoulder. This is a pity because most of the borders have elaborate patterns in thread work or are designed with concentrated prints. Some women cover their heads with the end of the saree, especially in front of elders or on visits to holy places.

Don’t slot women in sarees

Most people tend to slot women in saris as either being too demure or too traditional. This is a totally false belief. In India, women find wearing a saree to be comfortable attire that is socially acceptable and in a way protects them from unwanted overtures by strange men. The saree can help to cover all body parts even the exposed midriff, if need be. This is especially convenient while traveling in crowded public transport. The ‘choli’ can be made with a high neck and short sleeves and can come down the back to cover all the bulges. The whole effect may be severe but the need for being covered gets served.

Yet, at private gatherings the saree can be worn in a sexy way, with a matching well cut ‘choli’ giving the women in saris an allure that just cannot be achieved by any other attire.

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